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Resident Pets I have one black cat named Olive, I adopted her September 15th of 2014 from Plano Animal Services. What can we learn from our animal friends? Studies show that having pets teaches children to have better empathy! Our animal friends teach us patience and empathy and responsibility. What is the best part about […]


Resident Pets I have 2 cats. One domestic medium haired boy age 15 and the other is a domestic short haired girl aged 10. I also have 2 chihuahuas. Both girls ages 11 and 16. What can we learn from our animal friends? They teach us about love. They teach us to not judge and […]

Megan C.

Resident pets. I currently don’t have any, though I look forward to getting a cat in the future. I did leave two cats with my parents: Misty and Smut. Misty is the oldest one; she’s timid and soft-hearted, preferring to stay out of trouble. She’ll often enter a room slowly and cautiously and tends to […]

Holistic Pet Care

By Cate Burnette A General Overview of the 4 Most Common Alternative Vet Therapies More and more pet parents are searching for alternative forms of therapy when it comes to the veterinary treatment of the animals. The term “holistic” pet care – when related to veterinary tactics – generally refers to trying to be as […]

Massage Therapy for Your Pets

By Cate Burnette   A Holistic Treatment You Can Share With Your Pets Just as it has in human medicine, the practice of less invasive and more holistic approaches to the care and treatment of animals is gaining in popularity. Consultations for nutritional help, physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy are becoming more routine in […]

Celebrate International Cat Day on August 8th

    In a world filled with furry pups, our feline friends often go unnoticed. However, on August 8th cats get their day in the spotlight as International Cat Day is celebrated across the nation!   Back in 2002, a group of animal lovers known as the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) created International […]

Shelters and Fosters

What is the Difference between Shelters and Fosters?   For many unwanted and displaced animals, an animal shelter can mean the difference between life and death. Animal shelters are typically funded by local government and offer a safe reprieve for rescued strays. However, a shelter isn’t the only viable option for an unwanted pet. Shelters […]

Celebrate All American Pet Photo Day on July 11th!

For many pet owners, their pets are part of the family.  In fact, scientists believe that some people form such strong attachments to their pets that they gain more satisfaction from a relationship with their pets than those with humans.  Some say pets can be similar to children, and this notion could stem from pets […]