VIP Pet Sitter Karen with brown chihuahua and black and white pit mix

Karen C

Resident Pets

We have two awesome dogs: Arthur is our sweet, snuggly, dignified chihuahua, and Petey is our sweet, snuggly, goofy, playful pit bull. We also have four wonderful cats: Maggie, who lives for my son; Oliver, who may have the softest kitty belly in the world, and Gus and Max, the foster failures.

What I Enjoy Most About My Job

I love spending time with my animal friends and taking care of them! I get to build relationships with so many wonderful pets. I really think it’s a special kind of honor to be entrusted with their care… but it’s also a treat!

Funniest Pet Experience

I couldn’t narrow it down to one! Animals are inherently funny and fun creatures and they make me laugh every day. I especially love watching Petey toss his toys around for himself. He gets the most ridiculously silly looks on his face!

What Our Pet Friends Teach Us

To not let hardships from the past define us negatively, but to move forward with love and an open heart.

A Message From Karen’s Clients…

“I’m calling to thank Karen Clark. Karen did great. Everything is just as we left it if not better. Thank you for taking care of the pets and for keeping everything clean, picked up, bringing in all the mail, putting away the food that came in the mail and also the flowers, putting them in a safe spot. I just really appreciate your intelligence and care.”

Janet in Austin

“I could not be more satisfied with the service. I trust that our cat is being well-cared for in our absence and never worry about what is happening. You are always very responsive and I appreciate the notes.”

Carolyn in Austin

“Bucket is always so happy when I arrive home. I can tell she has been loved and cared for very well.”

Kendella in Pflugerville

“Karen has cared for our cats for years and she does a great job every time. We often go on long trips (3-4 weeks) and she has taken care of the house and yard wonderfully while we are gone. There are litterboxes to clean, plants to water, bird feeders and birdbaths to fill, and often other specific ‘chores’ that need to be done. All have been handled perfectly every time. Karen always leaves daily notes about how the cats are doing. If requested, she sends emails on progress or with questions. We even discussed the snake and his shedding one time.
I have complete confidence in Karen to take care of everything while we are gone.
Thanks a million for such a wonderful, long-term care-taker.”

Sue in Austin

“I always know my doggies are in good hands when they’re in yours. Thank you!”

Kathy in Round Rock