Worried about
leaving your pet alone?

Searching for a pet care service you can trust?

You’re not alone, in fact, most pet owners struggle with these same questions! We’re here to help!

Your pet is a part of your family. And every pet, like every person, has its own unique preferences, needs, and habits. We get that. We have been an award-winning leader in the pet care industry for more than 17 years. We have a passion for pets that embraces all the little ways that make yours different. Funny. Affirming. Quirky. Loving. Playful.

From the moment we are introduced, we offer personalized attention with impeccable follow-up. You can rest assured that while you are away your pet is in good hands. Our goal is to design a service experience that uniquely addresses your family’s needs. From detailed service notes to text messaging updates, emails, and phone calls – our professional staff will keep you informed and worry-free every step of the way.VIP Pet Services offers a wide array of personal pet care solutions tailored specifically to meet your pet’s needs.

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Step 1
Schedule an Appointment
Schedule an Appointment

Call us or fill out a form!

Step 2
Confirmation Phone Call
Confirmation Phone Call

We'll call you to confirm all of the details!

Step 3

We begin with a registration visit/play date where we go over each and every detail of your pet’s care.

Step 4

Your pet is in the best hands possible!