There are many wonderful species of animals on the planet.  Unfortunately, because of issues that include the loss of habitat due to natural causes or development, disease, poaching and hunting and environmental elements such as climate change, some of these beautiful creatures are at risk and considered endangered. On May 20th, animal lovers unite to raise awareness for endangered species via Endangered Species Day, a special commemoration to observe the plight of wild animals all over the world.  

An endangered animal is a species that is in danger of becoming extinct. Since each animal is an integral component of the overall network our environment, losing any of them could be detrimental to the balance of our ecosystem. The combination of life systems, or biodiversity, includes an assortment of wildlife that makes up the world. Experts believe that the loss of any animal species greatly influences a reduction of biodiversity and upsets the delicate balance of life as we know it.   

By learning what animals are protected in our state, we can learn how to help save animals from extinction. For example, there are several endangered species in Texas including mammals, reptiles, fish and amphibians. Also, in North Texas, the golden-cheeked warbler and the Texas Horned Lizard are just two of the animals on the state protected list.  

This Endangered Species Day reminds us that all animals are worth protecting to ensure the health of future generations.

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