We’ve all been there – you are leaving town but can’t take your beloved pet along. Or you have a really long day at the office and need someone to take care of your pet.  So what do you do? Look online for a pet sitter who you don’t know? Or find a reputable pet sitting company to take care of your pet?

Here are 3 reasons professionalism makes a big difference when it comes to pet sitting services.

#1 – Variety of Services Available

An individual sitter can sometimes be limited by what type of pets/breeds they can take care of, if their schedule permits multiple visits or visits that work with your pets schedule, and if they can give medications.  Also, they may not be able to offer pet care in their own home if it’s needed.

Because a professional pet sitting company employs a large and wide variety of employees, they can be sure your needs are met.  If one sitter is uncomfortable with large dogs – no worries!  We’ve got another sitter who loves them.  We also have sitters who are able to work with your pet’s schedule to make sure we stick to their routine.  If they are used to going for a walk and being fed at a certain time, we’ll be there – right on schedule!

At VIP Pet Services, we also offer Pet Camp.  If your dog loves interaction throughout the day and not just a pop-in visit, this is perfect for them!  Your pet will stay in the home of a pet-loving family, with free run of the house and a fenced back yard where he can run and play.  You can learn more about that here.

#2 – It’s All About the Training & Support

Loving pets is an important part of being a pet sitter.  And it can definitely make you a wonderful one.  But taking it a step further is pet training.  A professional company like VIP Pets has sitters who have been trained and know how to provide the best service possible for our furry and feathered clients (and their parents).  Our sitters are also verified – we run background checks and check references.

In addition, a professional company has back-up support.  If an emergency happens to a sitter and they can’t make it to your appointment, we have other trained and excellent sitters who can fill in.  You can feel comfort in knowing your pet is always our top priority!

#3 – We Keep In Touch

Did you hire an individual pet sitter in the past and never heard how your dog was doing?  Wondered if your cat got a few minutes of playtime?  It’s the worst to be away from home – whether you’re at work or on vacation – and not know how your pets are doing.  We totally understand!

It’s one of many reasons we provide text, email or voice updates while you’re away.  We want you to feel as connected to your pet as you would if you were home with them.  Just let us know your preferred method of contact and we’ll fill you in.

These are just a few of the many ways professionalism is important when it comes to pet sitting services.  Here’s a full list if you’d like other examples.

Have questions about professional pet sitting services?  Don’t hesitate to let us know – send us a note!

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