Heading on vacation soon? Find out how in-home pet sitting not only benefits you but also your cherished pet!

You and your family want to take a well-deserved vacation, but there’s just one snag.  You can’t bring your pet with you.  How will you keep your pet happy and taken care of while you’re away?

There are of course a wide variety of boarding options available.  But some pet owners struggle with putting their beloved family member in an unfamiliar atmosphere where they can feel stressed or scared.  This is especially true for only-child pets who aren’t used to being around other animals.  Being boarded can be an overwhelming bit of sensory overload.

So how do you ensure your pet has just as awesome of a time as you’re having?  Okay, without the beach and fruity drinks.

The answer is pet sitting in your own home. Imagine how comfortable your pet will feel to be in a familiar place with his or her own bedding, toys, food, treats, “bathroom”, and hiding places.  It’s ideal!  A win-win solution for all involved.

So let’s take a look at just a few of the ways this benefits you and your pet.

#1 – Routine, routine, routine.

Having normal routines maintained can keep your pet from having too many traumas while you are gone. Of course it isn’t the same when another person hands out treats or prepares the food or plays with them, but it is still somewhat familiar and in their own home.

Another perk?  They get to make a new human friend.

#2 – Comfort and play.

Affection, walks and play time are important, and a private pet sitter can provide as much of that as is desired. Professional people who provide this service not only are well-trained, but they also love what they do and are particularly aware of your pet’s needs and wants.

They’ll give them undivided attention in your own home and do their best to keep them in their regular routine, while ensuring all their personal (and play) needs are taken care of.

#3 – No worries.

You can leave on vacation with the valuable knowledge that someone friendly and reliable will be on the scene to keep your pet happy until your return.  What’s better than a worry-free vacation?  Not much!

For more information on the many options VIP Pet Services provides , or to answer any of your questions, please contact us.

PS – Have a great vacation!

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