This year, the unexpected pandemic has brought about many changes in our lifestyles and our work environments. Some of us had to adapt to working from home and readjusting the way we live our lives. Our pets also felt the impact of the changes made by the pandemic this year. Despite seeing us more, as many of us work remotely, this does not necessarily mean we have more time to spend with our furry friends. At VIP Pets, we’re ready to take the front line and help you care for your dogs in these trying times. Here are some ways our dog walking services can help remote workers fulfill their dogs’ daily needs.


No compromises or changes to your daily schedule.

Although working remotely has us spending more time around our dogs, it does not necessarily mean we have more time to give them. Working from home brought new adjustments and challenges to adapt to, which sometimes means rearranging your pet care schedule and containing the potential chaos at home. With meetings, homeschooling, and navigating most of your life online, taking your dog out for more than just a bathroom break can consume more time than you have available to spend. An easily excitable dog can also cause distractions and disruptions, bringing embarrassment. 

With VIP Pets’ dog walking service, you won’t have to worry about compromising your communication and time with coworkers or your kids since we’ll take your dog out and give them the exercise and attention they need. For your noisy dogs that like to bark at anything and everything, we offer a new Conference Call Service so that we take your dog out of your hands for guaranteed quiet during your Zoom meeting, interview, or online assessments.  


Our Dog Walking service is ready when you are.

With the way things are these days, some of us are working overtime. Not only at our regular jobs, but also homeschooling our kids while maintaining the household and chores. Life has gotten busier for some. All these tasks take a lot of time and dedication to get done, leaving less time to tend to your pup. A restless and energetic dog can cause trouble, and these days, more trouble is not what you need. So let us help you check one task off your to-do list and contact us! With VIP Pets, you won’t have to worry about missing meetings or deadlines since we’ll help your restless dog spend all that energy outside. 

Ways our Dog Walking Service helps Remote Workers


Hassle-free and safe pick up and drop off.

At VIP Pets, we take the COVID pandemic seriously and ensure we follow social distancing measures to keep all parties healthy and safe. We appreciate your business in these trying times and ask that you help us serve you by either:

  • Bringing your dog to meet us in the driveway.
  • Allowing our sitter to enter your home while maintaining proper distancing.
  • Placing your pet in the backyard to be ready for pick up and return.

With as little contact as possible to other parties, we can stop by, pick up, and drop off your dog while delivering the quality service you deserve. In addition to limiting in-person contact, we will ensure that our employees are healthy before servicing you as well as wearing the appropriate face masks and sanitizing when needed. 


Ensuring Physical and Mental Stimulation Needed for Healthy Development.

Physical activity and regular communication are essential for all social creatures. Our dogs are no different and thrive from the contact they have with you. Working remotely and running a whole household can be challenging to provide the necessary attention your dog needs daily. With VIP Pets’ dog walking service, we can take your dogs out for long or short walks around the neighborhood, depending on their needs. With frequent walks during the week, you can feel confident that your dog is getting the proper physical and psychological stimulation necessary for their healthy development. 


Finding the time to walk our dogs during these challenging times can be difficult with more demands at home and working remotely. At VIP Pets, we’re always happy to help alleviate some of your workloads for you when it comes to your dog. Whether you need a quick walk around the block, a longer energy-draining walk, or a last-minute walking request to take your dog off your hands for a bit, we’ll be ready to assist you. Make sure to check out all the dog-walking services and packages we offer on our Dog Walking Services Page

And, to learn about the benefits of hiring a professional dog walker, be sure to review our Dog Walking FAQs.

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