February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day! Since our furry friends provide us with many emotional and health benefits all year round, why not take this day to celebrate and honor our furry friends?

Here are a few ideas we cam up with to celebrate Love Your Pet Day:

1. Give a Hug

The power of touch provides enormous health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and warding off depression. Spend some quiet time cuddling with your pet and feel the bond and endorphins kick in.

2. Take a Power Walk

Most four-legged friends enjoy taking long walks. Grab the leash and get moving! Maybe extend the regular walking route, take a different route or even meander for a while outside your house or apartment building.  Or if you’re swamped at work, VIP Pet Services can give your pup some love during a dog walking session!

3. Take a Snooze

The average adult dog sleeps 12-14 hours per day (Animal Sleep Behavior) and most animals give new meaning to the term rest. Why not find a spot under underneath a tree or on a soft cushion to lay on and enjoy a sweet siesta with your favorite pet?

4. Sweet Treats

Nothing says celebrate like an unusual delicacy such as doggy ice. How about indulging in some ice cream for dogs or even a new bone or yummy liver pate for your whiskered buddy?

You can probably come up with many more ways to show your pets how special they are. They provide us with unconditional love and companionship throughout the year. On National Love Your Pet Day – and every day – let’s show them some love!

How do you show your pet how much you love them? Let us know in the comments!

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