If you’re anything like us, you are thankful for the pets in your life. Here are some great ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your pet this year:

1) YMCA Turkey Trot

Leash-trained dogs are welcome on the 5k run/walk and 8k run courses! Get out there and work up your Thanksgiving Day appetite with some fresh air and exercise. Proceeds help support YMCA programs in the Dallas area.  Click here to learn more.

2) Pet-Shareable Snacks

Getting your pets excited and feeling involved in the festivities is not exactly difficult with so much food around, but it’s important to only share the foods that are safe for pets. Cats can nibble on morsels of cooked meat, and may even agree to some veggies. Check out these 5 People Snacks that Double as Healthy Dog Treats for great ideas to share with your dog.

3) Invent Games to Play with Your Pets (and Children!)

Many of us spend the afternoon watching football or Thanksgiving Day parades on television while we digest. Invent fun games to play with your pets based on what’s on TV. For example, every time the Cowboys throw a touchdown, see if your cat or dog can catch a treat.

4) After-Dinner Walk

Wish your neighbors a happy Thanksgiving, and walk off some of those calories. This is also a great way to familiarize your dog with your neighborhood, if they are new to your home.

5) Give Thanks – To Your Pets!

With the exception of especially aloof cats, pets crave our undivided attention. Give them extra tummy-rubs or chin-scratches, or spend some time practicing their favorite tricks to show them how important they are to you.

From our family to yours – we wish you a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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