Anita I

Tell us about your pets?

Harry is a 12 yr old Norwegian Forest Cat. He acts more like a dog in that he greets us at the door when we arrive home and also rolls on his back for us to rub his belly. He has a stuffed teddy bear and he can never decide if he wants to cuddle it or attack it. One of his little quirks is that he likes to lay on plastic bags on the floor, and he if he has a choice, he prefers Target bags.

What is the funniest or most memorable experience you’ve have with an animal?

My son was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 18 and he had always wanted a white lab. We were able to surprise him with a puppy who was at home waiting for him when he left the hospital. During his 4 yr battle he was hospitalized the majority of this time and Burklea was always the biggest motivator for him to be well enough so she could come and visit. After he passed, Burklea also got Leukemia 6 months later and they are now reunited again in Heaven. God sent Taylor an Angel in the form of a puppy named Burklea.

Why do you love working with animals?

Our pets love us unconditionally and are so worthy of us loving on them. They are totally dependent on us for their well being and so I find it very rewarding to take care of them, and spoil them as much as possible.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

My daughter and I have a children’s ministry to educate children and their parents on how to stay safe from online predators and child sex traffickers. The community helped us so much during our difficult times and we are so grateful to be at a point in our life now where we can give back.

What do our pet friends teach us?

They teach us unconditional love and also how to enjoy the little things in life, something as simple as having a Target bag to lay on.

Anita’s Furry Friends