Animal shelters provide a haven for strays, adoption services and rescue animals in need. Non-profit animal shelters such as Austin Animal Center in Texas rely heavily on the goodwill of the local communities. Here are a few ideas how you can help your local shelter:

1. Lead by Example: Ensure your animals are neutered, spayed and appropriately identified.

2. Create Awareness: Raising awareness for local animal shelters is all about word of mouth. You can ‘like’ an animal shelter on Facebook or post a link to a shelter like the Humane Society of Dallas County, on your Facebook feed to show your support.

3. Shout It Out: Building an online community is fun and easy. Why not send a ‘Shout Out’ Tweet about a local animal shelter or write about them in a blog or newsfeed? Hashtag – woof.

4. Become a Step Parent: If you can’t adopt, but can provide temporary foster care, you can help animals waiting for adoption or recovering from illness.

5. Get Educated: Knowledge is power – before you decide to adopt a pet, be sure you visit a local shelter similar to the Dallas Animal Services or Austin Pets Alive! and get the facts on pet adoption.

6. Feed the Animals: You can donate food and supplies to your local shelter. Contact them to see what items they need.

7. Give the Gift of Time: If you can’t adopt a pet, you can indeed spend some time helping out. Offering to help a few hours a week can make a big difference.

8. Slow and Steady: Be sure to drive with pets in mind so you can see them before they see you.

9. Offer Services: If you’re handy with a hammer or have administrative skills, why not offer to with a repair project or shelter fundraiser?

If you’re helping out a shelter in the Dallas or Austin area, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments!

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