Happy DOGust! We dedicate this blog to the fantastic adoptable rescue pets in Dallas and Austin. 

August 15th is International Homeless Animals Day, a classy group of mutts and hounds that are well-worth celebrating. Do you know the difference between shelters and rescues? We’re happy to explain it, as well as highlight the reasons why adoption is the best option. Next, we’ll connect you to some great local rescues who are more than happy to help you find the best rescue pets in Dallas and Austin.

Are you feeling “puppy fever” lately? You’re not alone! Pet adoption is on the rise across the country. While we understand the desire for a gorgeous pedigree pup, we hope you will consider adopting from a local no-kill shelter or rescue this DOGust.


Shelters vs. Rescues

Shelters are institutions that take in unwanted, lost, and abandoned pets.

6.5 million pets go into shelters each year in the United States. A pet can end up there for a variety of reasons; their owners can no longer care for them, their medical bills are too expensive, they have been lost or abandoned… the list goes on. Whatever the reason, pets who end up in shelters face an uncertain future.

Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized to make room for more dogs and cats in need. While this is heartbreaking, no shelter can keep up with the sheer amount of dogs and cats who are found and taken in. Rescues work hand in hand with shelters to save pets on the euthanasia list.

Rescue workers make sure that each adoptable pet has the time and care they need to make it to a perfect home. As soon as a pet arrives at a shelter, they look closely to see if they can place them with a foster family or no-kill facility. They continue to work with the pet, getting them medical care, analyzing their personality and temperament, and helping them become well-rounded before they meet their forever families.

The GOOD news is that approximately 3.2 million animals are adopted from rescues and shelters each year. With more people staying at home, this number has been steadily on the rise! Almost always, pets in shelters are GREAT animals. They are just in need of a little love.


Adoptable Pets in Dallas and Austin

Are you ready to add an adopted son or daughter to your family? Here are some of the incredible rescues and no-kill shelters in the Dallas and Austin area!

Please remember to check what vaccinations your pet has before you bring them home when you adopt your pet. Your rescue will typically cover all of the initial shots, vaccines, ensure they are fixed and tested for heartworm. That way, they are ready to go home with you!

Holly’s Hope Rescue. 

This fantastic organization hopes to rescue fur babies when no other hero can, and save them in the 11th hour from euthanization. 

Operation Kindness.

This is the leading no-kill shelter in North Texas. Find your next best friend here.

Austin Pets Alive. 

This isn’t your average rescue – they pioneer innovative lifesaving programs designed to rescue those most at risk from euthanasia. 

Mid-cities Rescue. 

Focuses on code-red animals (sick or injured) and rescues them from high-kill shelters. 

We hope this blog has both informed and inspired you to adopt and not shop! These rescues and shelters do incredible work, but they do need our help—happy DOGust, and happy birthday to your newest adopted addition.

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