Alexa Martinez Pet Sitter

 Austin / Cedar Park / Round Rock

Any pet(s) you currently own or have owned in the past (all types!).

I currently have 5 pets! I have an American Bully/Pit Bull mix named Thor he is almost 5 years old, I have a 3 year old purebred Siberian Husky named Loki, I have a Green Cheek Conure who is almost 11 months old, named Señor Puff Daddy, I have a Sulcata Tortoise named tiny he is about 4 months old and will live until he’s over 100 years old.  Last but not least I have an Axolotol named Axl, he’s about 6 months old and will live for 15 years.

Your most memorable time with a pet you’ve owned or taken care of.

The most memorable time I have had with my pets or any pet that I have taken care of is when I was about 4 years old I was at my grandma’s house and I dreamed of getting a dog and the next day my grandmother and I went to my dads house and sure enough he had gotten me my first ever dog Elvis he was an American bully. He was my best friend and my protector; so when I was 18 I got a tattoo in memory of him.

Why you became a pet sitter/dog walker!

I decided to become a dog walker/pet sitter because I just cannot get enough of animals! I have loved and lived and been with animals my whole life and I just constantly feel like I need to be a part of helping in taking care of them since they have been such a positive part of my whole life.

Why do you love working with animals & how long have you worked with them?

I love working with animals like I stated in my previous response because they have always been my calling in life. I have been around all types of animals my whole life but I have worked at an actual job with animals since July of 2019 at action pack dog center.  When I was 8 years old I started horseback riding lessons so I learned everything there is to know about taking care of horses, when I was 9 my grandmother bought me a horse and a goat and it was my responsibility to take care of them. I have always worked with dogs my family is very dog friendly. My mom always had cats and I’ve been around them and cared for them since I can remember.

All different types of pets you’ve worked with.

I have worked professionally with dogs since 2019. At my current job I work with any and every type,age and special needs dogs except wolf hybrids. I have experience with birds, Sulcata Tortoises,and Axolotls.

What you think your pet(s) would say about you!!

I think Thor my American bully would say I love you, can I eat again please? (Even though he’s already eaten), can I eat the birds food?, can I get on the couch? Etc. My other dog would talk like the dog from up he has plenty to say but not much meaning behind it for example he would say: Squirrel!, Bunny!,Dog!. Then he’d look at me and say oh! Hi mommy sorry I pulled you looking for a bunny when I was in fact a leaf!. My bird already has a lot to say he copies my laugh and says I love you, yes, good bird, shut up, bath time? Etc. My tortoise would just ask for more food and my axolotl would probably complain like a grumpy old man about noises and the lights being on.

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