Alyssa Carrington Pet Sitter

Cedar Park / Austin

Any pet(s) you currently own or have owned in the past (all types!).

I currently share my home with Little Richard (parakeet), Tuni (hedgehog), and Rose (ancient Red Heeler).  It is a diverse mix of pets, but everyone seems to do their part in keeping life exciting and making sure I get up at a reasonable time every day.

Your most memorable time with a pet you’ve owned or taken care of.

One of my most memorable experiences involved a pet rooster named Longshanks.  He was the first chicken I hatched in an incubator, so I imprinted on him from a hatchling.  It was hard to explain that this meant he didn’t quite understand the transition to the chicken coop when we got him some hens, and there were few nights I had to open the back door and let him roost over the shower for about a week every evening…  But he was a very calm and respectful gentleman.

Why you became a pet sitter/dog walker!

My background in fostering and working with local rescues prompted me to want to further my opportunities in helping my community.  With such a strong skillset taking care of animals, and a passion for making every animal feel comfortable and loved, pet sitting just seemed like the right place for me!

Why do you love working with animals & how long have you worked with them?

I have a LONG history of working with animals, since a very young age.  Animals provide a unique opportunity for me to constantly expand my knowledge.  No matter how many I’ve encountered, no two act alike, and I thoroughly enjoy getting to know them!

All different types of pets you’ve worked with.

Goats, llamas, chickens, dogs, cats, small exotic animals, birds, and reptiles.


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