Are GPS Dog Collars Really Effective

It finally happened. Your four-legged friend managed to get out of the yard and is running free through the neighborhood. The anxiety of losing your beloved dog is overwhelming. It happens to just about every pet owner in the world. Surely, you’ve heard that GPS dog collars are making waves in the pet community? There’s a good reason, too. These collars are safe and extremely useful. If your dog manages to escape, the collar will help you track them quickly.

How GPS Collars Work

When we talk about GPS dog collars, we typically mean location tracking collars. There are also health trackers, too. However, for the sake of clarity, we’ll go over both in turn.

  • Location Trackers – A location-tracking GPS dog collar includes a mini-SIM card sewn directly into the collar. When your dog is lost, you can track the SIM card using your phone or laptop to find the exact location of your four-legged friend.
  • Health Trackers – A health-tracking GPS dog collar is ideal if your pet has health concerns, stemming from old age or disease. Most collars in this category include both heart rate monitoring and locating monitoring, which makes them more expensive but comprehensive

The Benefits of GPS Dog Collars

There are clear benefits to having a GPS dog collar, especially if you travel or hike a lot.

  • As we mentioned above, many high-end collars monitor both location and fitness levels, including their heart rate.
  • A lost or runaway dog is now easier to track without the stress of not knowing.
  • Technology has advanced so far that you can track the dog collar using an app on your smartphone.
  • Pet trackers are pet-friendly, meaning they attach to the collar and do not cause any irritation whatsoever

As you can see, investing in a GPS dog collar is worth the price. Contact VIP Pet Services for dog walking and pet sitting services in Dallas and Austin, TX. Give us a call at 972-416-0861 (Dallas) or 512-275-6701 (Austin)!

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