As the summer draws to a close, families everywhere are gearing up for the back-to-school season, and helping your dog adjust to the new routine is essential. While this time of year is filled with excitement and new routines, don’t overlook the impact these changes can have on our furry companions. Our dogs often need our assistance in adjusting to new routines, as they can experience stress and anxiety during this period of adjustment. Back-to-school season poses some potential challenges for our four-legged friends. As one of Texas’ most seasoned pet-sitting companies, we have some valuable tips to ensure a smoother transition for the whole family, including helping your dog adjust to the changes.


During the back-to-school season, new potential dangers can arise for our pets. One of the primary concerns is the presence of harmful items in backpacks and lunchboxes. Foods and medications that are safe for humans may pose significant health risks to animals. To safeguard your pets, encourage your children to store these items in a designated location out of their reach.

Additionally, if your children walk with your dog to the bus stop, it’s crucial to keep your canine companion on a leash. Even the most well-trained dogs can become excited or curious, leading them to dart away into traffic, especially when they see their family members boarding that big yellow school bus. Ensuring that your dog is safely restrained on a leash can prevent potential accidents and protect them from harm.

If you have a fenced backyard, ensure that it is securely latched. Dogs experiencing separation anxiety may attempt to escape in search of their family members who have left for school. Even if your dog has not displayed such behavior in the past, it’s important to be proactive in preventing any escapes that could lead to unfortunate accidents.


For pets who have enjoyed the company of their human family members throughout the summer, the sudden absence of constant companionship during the school day can trigger separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a common issue among dogs, and it can lead to destructive behaviors and emotional distress when left alone.

Jack Russell Terrier plays with stuffed dog toys To ease this transition, consider providing your pet with a favorite toy stuffed with treats before you leave. This will keep them engaged and distracted while you’re away, making the separation period less stressful for them.

Another helpful strategy is to leave a television or radio on while you’re out. The background noise creates the illusion that someone is home, which can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and anxiety in your pet.

If your dog needs extra comfort and companionship during the day, consider having a friend, family member, or professional pet sitter come by to check on your pet. At VIP Pet Services, we offer dog walking and drop in services, ensuring that your furry friend receives hugs, treats, and a fun walk to brighten their day.


Investing in a weekly dog walking service can be incredibly beneficial for both you and your furry companion, especially when it comes to helping your dog adjust to new routines. Regular walks provide essential exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction for your dog. It also helps break up their day and keeps them from feeling isolated while you’re away at work or school.

Golden Retriever walks with dog walker in Dallas

By booking our weekly dog walking service, you not only guarantee your dog’s well-being and happiness, but you also receive a complimentary dog walk as an added bonus. This offer allows you to experience the benefits of our professional pet care services while saving on costs, all while helping your dog adjust to the changes.

As the back-to-school season begins, it’s crucial to prioritize the well-being of our furry friends amidst the hustle and bustle of new routines and activities. Taking the necessary safety precautions, understanding and addressing separation anxiety, and investing in professional dog walking services are key steps in helping your dog adjust to this transition, making it smoother and more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

At VIP Pet Services, we prioritize the happiness and comfort of your fur babies. Our elite team of experienced pet sitters is dedicated to providing the love, care, and attention your pets deserve while you’re away, helping your dog adjust to the new routine. With our weekly dog walking service, you can rest assured that your dog will be well-exercised and content during the school day. So, embrace this back-to-school season with confidence, knowing that your pet’s needs are in capable and caring hands, all aimed at helping your dog adjust seamlessly to the changes.


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