Tell us about your pets?

Nibbler is the tabby, and the big sister of the group! The small black one is PB; she’s super skittish but loves to cuddle. The big black boy is MarshMellow, he’s the most mellow and laid back cat I’ve ever met!

What is the funniest or most memorable experience you’ve have with an animal?

Marsh is a long haired cat, and had some trouble with mats around his “pants” for a while. We tried getting him a lion cut, where they basically shave his fur down quite short except for a majestic neck ruff and a Dr. Seuss Pom-Pom on the tail. We were worried that he would hate it, but he seemed to relish the new style! It was so funny to see his little tail Pom-Pom bobbing around as he played!

Why do you love working with animals?

I love figuring out what each animal needs and appreciates most. When they get comfortable with you, start showing their individuality, it’s the absolute best feeling! Affection and love from an animal that was wary at first is such a win!

What is your ultimate goal in life?

To do what I can to make the lives of those around me happier, and be happy myself.

What do our pet friends teach us?

I think one can learn a lot from being around pets and animals. Patience is a big part of interactions with new pets, and taking things at their pace makes things easier for everyone. Kindness and compassion are integral when dealing with both animals and people!

Blythe’s Furry Friends