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What Does a Pet Sitter Do

Post by Niki Clark

A Professional Pet Sitter

Pet sitters… what do they really do? Sit on the floor and drag a toy mouse around while Fluffy chases it? Play fetch with Fido? In 1997 “pet sitting” was officially added to the dictionary and is defined as “the act of caring for a pet in its own home while the owner is away.”What Does a Pet Sitter Do

So, “caring for a pet while its owner is away.” That is broad. That can mean so much and interpreted in so many different ways. Each owner has their own definition of care.

We could write a long list that would probably go on and on. But, in order to make this a short and informative blog, we will break it down into the main points for you.

Pet Sitters Do More Than You Think


Let’s start with the obvious. Pet sitters do lots of Dog walks. Most dog owners want their dogs walked. And some owners want you to run with their dogs, so get your Nikes ready. And some owners track their dogs while they are in the care of a pet sitter/dog walker to make sure you are in fact taking them on a walk. Dog walks can range from a short potty break to multiple miles, depending on the type of dog and the owner’s goal.

Waste Removal

Let’s be real. This isn’t a job for everyone. Carrying around a poop filled bag until you find a garbage is a job for true pet lovers. And discussing on client requests, it is not uncommon for an owner to ask the sitter to use baby wipes in the rear region to ensure a clean pet. Some pet sitters even are hired to clean yards. Many different size of yards and many different size of pets in those yards leaving those piles for later. And don’t forget litter boxes! Sitters do waste removal like pros.

Food and Beverage

Cat in FridgePets need to be fed. But, not just a scoop of Kibbles n Bits, certain pets require a strict diet. We are talking raw food and/or pureed side dishes. Yes, you read that correctly. And cats, they actually require a diet high in protein, which is all the more reason for fresh, homemade meals. Snakes require… well, you know, not Kibbles n Bits, let’s just leave it at that. Rabbits enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, so hit that Farmer’s Market! People love their pets! They are family, and family deserves the best. Pet sitters must make sure they fully understand all instructions left by the owner.


Some pets require medication. There are sprays, pills, creams, injections, etc. And pet sitters need to administer those. And administer properly and timely. Pet sitters must map out their schedule based on those pets who need a certain medication at a certain time. Ever heard of a pill shooter?

Home Care

Clients entrust pet sitters with entry into their home. That means pet sitters are responsible to keeping that home safe and secure. Home care also means cleaning up any messes left by the pets. Some pet sitters have watered houseplants. They occasionally bring in the mail. Sometimes they take out the trash. Some pet sitters even stay overnight in the home with the pets, making it look like the owner is home and keeping pets company around the clock.

Pet Services Header Brunette Lady Hugging White Dog

Pet sitters develop a bond with the pets. Some sitters get to watch the pets grow up. Some assist in the training of pets. And some are there when pets cross over the rainbow bridge. Pet sitters grow incredibly close with the pets in their care and that means the sitters develop a relationship with the clients as well. Clients have the sitter’s phone numbers and emails. They know they can rely on their sitters. They put trust in them. Clients love their sitters so much, they invite them to attend special events and send birthday cards. So when you wonder what a pet sitter does, that question has multiple answers. Contact us today!


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Pets Love Their VIP Sitters


It’s never easy to leave your pets. You want to make sure they are relaxed and happy while you’re away. When pets are stressed, their immune system is suppressed making them more susceptible to sickness. They also experience increased heart and respiration rate and can be more vulnerable to cardiovascular disease.

Pets Love Their VIP Sitters

That is why our sitters form a deep bond with your fur babies.

Our goal is to make sure your pets are happy to see our sitters arrive, and our sitters work to form deep bonds of trust and attachment with your pets, in the comfort of your pet’s home. In short, we want to be your pet’s friend and reduce their stress while giving you peace of mind knowing that we’re loving your pet like he is our own.

So when our clients tell us about their pets waiting at the window for them or running to greet them at the door, we know we have accomplished our mission. ❤

Whether you are going out of town for Christmas or just extra busy, book your VIP sitter now to make sure your pet is cozy and cared for.

Our schedules fill up quickly during the holidays – especially Christmas, so click here to book your pet sitter and we’ll call you…


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How to Feel Comfortable with Your Pet Sitter

Using a pet sitter for the first time (or switching to a new one) can feel a little uncomfortable for some people. It can be strange knowing that someone is in your home while you’re away. Are they trustworthy? Responsible? Will they take care of your home and your pets as if they were their own?  These are all valid questions.

Whether you’re just away for the day or on an extended trip, you certainly don’t want to spend your time worrying about your pet sitter. The good news is you don’t have to.

Here are some hints to help you feel as comfortable as possible with your pet sitter so that you can focus on what you need to focus on, be that business or pleasure.

Meet the Pet Sitter Ahead of Time

It’s crucial for you – and your pets – to meet the sitter ahead of time and be sure you feel comfortable with them. This is also a good time to ask about qualifications and previous experience.

Work with a Reputable Company

Choose a company with experienced, reliable sitters who take their work and your peace of mind seriously. Ideally, your pet sitter will stay in touch with you while you’re away and keep you updated on how your pets are doing.  (PS – we even send photos to our clients so you can stay connected with your pets!)

Know What Services Are Offered

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, and make sure you know exactly what to expect while you’re away. That way, there are no worries about what is or isn’t happening.

Give the Pet Sitter Thorough Information

Whether you’re sitting on the beach or in a business meeting, the last thing you want to think about is whether you remembered to tell the pet sitter about your dog’s random allergy or quirky fear. Take the time before you leave to gather all the info your pet’s sitter will need – and then stop worrying.

Your pets are members of your household, and it’s important to you and them to feel comfortable with your pet sitter. When you use VIP Pets, you can feel confident that your pets – and your home – are getting the respect and care they deserve.

jamie with her dog


Resident Pets

Reggie is a gray Wire-Haired terrier that my family adopted from a shelter in 6th grade. He has been part of my family for so long I cannot imagine my life without him. He is a very smart dog! My other dog is Tony. I am really not sure what type of breed he is. He has the colorings and looks of a Yorkshire terrier but he is BIG. Like nearly 20 pounds!! He is about 4 years old, a total lap dog and likes to eat EVERYTHING even if it is not food.

What I Enjoy Most About My Job

The most recent job I had was delivering packages to customers in the Dallas area. I was there for a year until the company lost the account. What that job instilled in me is that I LOVE working outside. Guess what the absolute best part of that was? Getting to see all the dogs getting walked. I have always loved animals and would love to be in any field related to them in any way.

Funniest Pet Experience

My cat, Sisqo, refuses to put his face in a water dish. Instead, he prefers to dip out small sips of water with his paw and lick it off. It is the funniest thing! I really need to get a video of it for TV.

What Our Pet Friends Teach Us

I think pets can teach us forgiveness. If you have forgotten to play a game of catch one day and your dog is disappointed, you can always count on them to be eager the next day with a clean slate ready to let you make it up to them. They don’t count your mistakes and hold them against you.

Jamie’s clients say:

… We are very, very pleased with what we’ve seen of VIP so
far, and are OVERJOYED to have Jamie coming this weekend.

Our last pet-sitter was very capable, but lacked warmth and a willingness to
interact with our dogs (which was one of the biggest reasons we hired them
in the first place).

Our initial meeting with Jamie cheered us up right away, and
dispelled any doubts we might’ve had about changing to a new pet sitting
service. She was very affectionate with our dogs (and this affection was
reciprocated). She represented your company very well, and seems like a
very good fit for us.

Matthew S

… We are relieved now to have found in Jamie someone who genuinely wants to keep our dogs happy while we are gone, instead of merely keeping them fed and watered. Jamie’s visits, and the care she put into her work, were in sharp contrast to what we were used to. We were not used to getting text message updates, much less a request from Jamie to contact HER when we arrived back home to let her know the dogs were okay. All doubts vanished with Jamie’s first text message, and we knew our dogs were in good hands. And it sure made it easier to enjoy our weekend at the horse show. The peace of mind Jamie gave us is a debt not easily repaid, but that won’t stop us from trying.

Matthew S


Chelsea with her dog


Resident Pets

I have a cat named Cat; he is 10 years old. Cat loves the outdoors and going on walks. I also have a chihuahua named Buddy who is 13 years old. Buddy loves rolling around in the grass. I grew up with them both and love them very much. I knew Buddy was the right dog for me when he pooped on my foot at the animal shelter.

What can we learn from our animal friends?

Our animal friends can teach us to love unconditionally.

What is the best part about being a pet sitter?

I love making new animal friends and human friends. Being a pet sitter will give me the opportunity to work with an amazing team of pet sitters. I am also excited to work with clients to make their experience and their pet’s experience the best possible.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

My ultimate goal in life is to work on community based projects around the world. I am very passionate about working on environmental sustainability projects in particular. Eventually, I want to serve in the Peace Corps.

Donna M


Resident Pets

Riley is an American Foxhound mix according to the DNA test, but looks like a Bassett/ yellow Lab mix. She is 2 1/2 years old and was adopted in May 2012 from the Texas Dog Etc. Rescue.
Miles is a Fox Terrier mix, according to the DNA test, but looks like a Corgi/ Terrier mix. He is 2 1/2 years old and was adopted in May 2012 from the Humane Society of Dallas County.

What I Enjoy Most About My Job

I find pet-sitting to be very rewarding. It is important that my clients feel their pets are left in responsible, loving care. Animals are like people in that they need a sense of security, and keeping their routine offers security. It allows my clients the peace of mind that their pets are well taken care of in their absence.

What Our Pet Friends Teach Us

While our cats and dogs can’t talk, their unconditional love for us can not just improve our lives, but also teaches us to become better partners to our fellow humans. They teach us patience and commitment. My pets are a part of my life that I value everyday.


VIP Pet Sitter Tamatha with 2 Dogs


Resident Pets

I have a sweet rescue dog named Alex who is 13. He comes with me everywhere he is allowed. Then we have 4 cats. Chito is an adorable white and orange kitty who walks with Alex and me. If we get too far ahead he “yells” at us to slow down. I had a stray who had kittens under my rose bush. Then mama kitty moved them and the kittens became feral. But now, three of those little kitties are my cats. They love me and play and come when I call them but are still timid around other people. Little Louise can catch a bird in mid flight. Jackie-o is very sweet and silky with a quiet meow. Oliver is a big orange lover kitty. He is friendly to every one like most orange kitties.

What I Enjoy Most About My Job

Playing and cuddling with pets!

Funniest Pet Experience

Chito “yelling” at Alex and me when we walk too far ahead. It’s funny and my neighbors love it.

What Our Pet Friends Teach Us

Patience (except when it comes to feeding time) and unconditional love.

Pet sitter Jess in car with dog


Resident Pets

I have three pets. Lou(Ferrigno) is a tuxedo cat, he’s about 9 years old. Brooklyn(Fonsworthington) is a Shiba-Inu mix, he’s about 6 years old. Teddy(Theodore Froto) is a Yorkie, he is four years old. All my babies have middle names that start with F, just because. My friend gave me Lou, I adopted Brooklyn from a shelter, and Teddy is a love child from my mom’s dogs. We named him Teddy/Theodore because when he was a puppy he looked just like a teddy bear, but was also so tiny and had a chubby little behind like Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Funniest Pet Experience

My pets are constantly making me laugh – picking one thing is so hard! I’ll give something funny that each of mine does or have done. When we go on walks and Brooklyn sees a squirrel, he will cry so loud and literally try to climb the tree to get to it, but he can’t so he just cries louder in this strange Shiba-Inu whine-cry. It’s funny but early mornings are embarrassing sometimes. Teddy lets me know that he has to go potty by sitting on my hand and staring at me. They both love swimming so it’s kind of funny when they jump in the pool in the middle of winter and realize it’s cold! When I first got my cat, my friend gave me a stuffed animal that was the same coloring and size as Lou, needless to say Lou thought it was his girlfriend and tried to make kittens, all the time.

What I Like Most About My Job

I love working with animals so much! I love that they are always so happy to see you, they are there for you at all times, and they always make me happy no matter what is going on.

What Our Pet Friends Teach Us

They can teach us so much. They teach us patience, kindness, sense of humor, unconditional love, and responsibility, to name a few.

Jess’s clients say:

“I just love my pet sitter Jess. She is the sweetest and loves Eve – and Eve loves her! I have peace of mind whenever she is with her. Thank you VIP Pet Services!” -Brenda

“Just wanted to let you know…Karen and Jess are amazing!! Thanks so much!!” -Jennifer