Labor Day is coming up Monday September 4th!

You probably have the day off.  What better way to spend the day than celebrating with your dog?

The cooler temps give great opportunities for lots of outdoor activities. Picnics, hikes, BBQ’s, chilling on the screen porch or in the pool, all provide a sweet farewell to summer.

If your plans involve a lot of noise, people, activities and new smells, remember these can be stressful for your dog. Pet Smart has a great article on keeping your dog safe, quiet and occupied during parties and festivities. The ASPCA  has some great guidelines for pet safety during holidays including some surprising warnings about citrus, glow sticks, sun screen, and a few other things you might not have realized could be a hazard.

Your dog wants nothing more than to be your constant companion in whatever you’re doing. Here are some ways to enjoy this last unofficial day of summer with your dog:

  • Being part of a small family picnic or BBQ at home
  • Sharing a nap in the hammock
  • Taking a long walk in a quiet familiar place
  • A long hike together in the great outdoors
  • Some dogs loving going for a good ride in the car. Road Trip!

You know your dog better than anyone.  Consider planning this holiday around what your dog loves to do most and you’ll both have a great time.

If your Labor Day plans can’t include your pet this year, the next best plan is to have a qualified pet sitter come to your home! VIP Pets has a great group of well-trained sitters who would love spending quality time with your best buddy while you are away.  Contact us for more information.











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