August 17th marks National Black Cat Appreciation Day in the United States.

This day was created to honor solid black kitties and bring awareness to their plight.

Did you know that black cats have a more difficult time getting adopted than cats with almost any other coat coloring? It’s true!

While half of all potential adoptive families in one survey stated that color wasn’t really a factor in their decision when choosing a cat, black cats are far more likely to be passed over than almost any other solid or mixed color.

In the same survey mentioned above, 13% of people admitted to believing that bad luck would ensue if a black cat crossed his or her path. Unfortunately, the only unlucky party in this situation is the black cat. These cats are feared, avoided, and even killed simply for their misfortune of being born black.

Black cats are every bit as loving and affectionate as their more colorful counterparts.

Their mysterious beauty has remarkable appeal. They make great pets, companions, and family members.

It’s 2018 (almost 2019!) and way past time to finally end the superstition and stigma surrounding the irrational, dated notions of old and embrace the black cat for its elegance and potential.

If you are looking to adopt, be sure to give a black cat more than just a passing glance. He or she may be responsible for bringing immense joy into your life, or the lives of your family!

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Got black cats? We are more than happy to provide pet sitting services, and welcome them to cross our paths!

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