National Mutt Day 2016 takes place on both July 31st and December 2nd each year.  With the first celebration day approaching, we wanted to give you a little history about this important event and also share why mutts rock!

First, let’s start at the beginning …

The purpose of this holiday is to spread awareness about the importance of adopting mixed breed dogs from shelters. According to the ASPCA, only about 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred. This means the other 75% are mixed breed dogs – or mutts, as they are more affectionately known – that are less likely to find homes because potential adopters are either more interested in pedigree or are worried there will be risks associated with adopting a mixed breed dog.

Mixed breed dogs, or mutts, are often considered lower quality than purebred dogs. The truth is that mixed breed dogs are usually healthier and better behaved because the genetic and behavioral traits of certain breeds are not as strong in mutts. For example, mixed breed dogs are less likely than many pure bred dogs to develop epilepsy or hypothyroidism according to a study on The Institute of Canine Biology website.

Many mutts are euthanized in shelters because of the preference for purebred dogs. Because many potential adopters prefer pure bred dogs, puppy mills are breeding these dogs in horrible conditions and selling them through pet stores. So even though you may think you are getting a “better” dog for your money, the dogs that are born in puppy mills could have more problems because of the horrible conditions they lived in when they were born.

You can do your part on National Mutt Day to help mixed breed dogs find their forever homes!

If you have been considering adopting a dog, take a trip to your local shelter and check out all of the mixed breed dogs you have to choose from. If you are unable to adopt, donating just a few dollars can make a great difference. You can also volunteer at your local shelter. By spending a few hours walking and playing with dogs or cleaning kennels, you are helping the shelter run more smoothly.

The goal of National Mutt Day is to have 10,000 mixed breed dogs adopted from shelters. Even if you can’t adopt a dog yourself, you can spread the word to everyone you know and become involved.  Let’s be part of the solution!

Do you have a mutt? We’d love to hear about them! What breeds are they mixed with and why did you decide to adopt a mutt instead of purebred dogs?

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