Dog Walks:

We will take every precaution to keep both you and our pet care providers safe during this time. In order to maintain the proper social distance, we ask that you either…

  • bring your dog out to the driveway for a quick hand off
  • allow our sitter to enter your home while maintaining the proper distance from you while you’re home or
  • place your pet in the backyard for your sitter to pick up and return from there.

Pet Sitting Bookings:

On each confirmation to the client, the information below is put in:

As a company we are ensuring that all our sitters/dog walkers are taking every precaution when taking care of your fur babies! We have instructed them on what to do as well as ensuring all additional protocols are followed during their service visits (i.e. washing their hands before & after the visit, wearing gloves & masks, wiping down leashes, pet bowls, door knobs, litter box scoops, light switches, sink faucets, ,or anything they come in contact with).