High Energy Dog? We’ve got you covered!

A regular exercise routine is crucial for your dog’s health.

The Benefits of Exercising your Pet

• Provides optimal bone, joint and heart health
• Helps manage weight
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Eliminates boredom
• Improves negative behavior (chewing, barking, whining)

Some dogs need intense, sustained exercise to tire them out and a walk just isn’t enough. VIP Pet’s dog jogging service is the perfect solution.

How it works…


Warm Up

A proper warm-up is important for any successful workout program. Our dog joggers will start off slowly allowing your dog to gradually raise his heart rate and ease into the run. This helps the dog and human to establish a pace and also triggers the dog mentally to calm down and settle into the run. It’s also a great time to correct any pulling or leash lunging that may occur.
Going the Distance

Going the Distance

*This service is no longer available.*

Your dog’s age, health and fitness level are a huge factor to consider when you begin a fitness program. Therefore, we highly recommend that you consult with your vet first. We offer 3 different distance runs to accommodate all levels.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest the 1 mile run for puppies whose joints are still developing and seniors whose joints are beyond their prime. The 5k is great for most active adult, healthy dogs and the 10k is best for high energy adult dogs. Our joggers will monitor your dog’s breathing and recovery rate for safety.

Puppy Dog Jog
Adult Dog Jog
Senior Dog Jog
GPS Tracked and Updates

GPS Tracked and Updates

We always GPS track our runs and share a map so you can see where we went, how far and how fast. Depending upon where you live, we will run through the neighborhood, the greenbelt, hike and bike trails or to the nearest park. We also send a report and pics so you can rest assured your pup had a fun adventure.
Doggy Log
Potty Break

Potty Break

We realize when “dooty calls” it can’t be helped. So, our joggers will always stop and allow your dog ample time to relieve himself and, of course, pick up and dispose of the poop. Aside from the occasional bathroom break, we encourage your dog to run at a constant pace so there really isn’t any extra time to stop and sniff the surroundings.

The Finish Line

The Finish Line

After we’ve returned home, we’ll freshen your dog’s water, clean him up (if needed) give him some treats as a reward (if allowed) and give him a chance to chill out and enjoy the rest of the day.

A Happy Dog is a Tired Dog!

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