January, National Dog Training Month, is the perfect time to focus on enhancing the bond between you and your canine companion. In celebration of this important month, VIP Pet Services proudly highlights our specialized dog training services and our dedicated dog trainers who cater to pet owners in Dallas and Austin. Embrace this opportunity to start the year right with your furry friend, exploring the variety of training options we offer.


At VIP Pet Services, based in Dallas and Austin, we’re passionate about helping your dog reach its full potential. Our expert team of dog trainers are dedicated to providing tailored training sessions, ensuring that each dog receives the attention and guidance it needs.

This National Dog Training Month, join us at VIP Pet Services in Dallas and Austin to celebrate the incredible dog trainers who make transformation possible. If you’re brainstorming ways to say ‘thank you’ to your dog trainer for their unwavering dedication, consider these creative tokens of appreciation:

  • Personalized “Pawgress” Report: Draft a whimsical progress report card from your dog, highlighting how the dog trainer’s efforts have led to remarkable improvements.
  • Training Toolkit: Assemble a bespoke package of training essentials like a high-quality clicker, treats, and a personalized leash. It’s a practical yet thoughtful way to show gratitude.
  • Gift a “Day Off” Experience: Treat your dog trainer to a day off with gift certificates for a relaxing spa day, a favorite restaurant, or a fun activity like a movie or sporting event.
  • Homemade Dog Treats: Bake some homemade dog treats and package them creatively with a note of thanks — perhaps include a recipe card so they can recreate the treats for their four-legged clients.
  • A Video Testimonial: Create a heartfelt video testimonial with your dog showcasing their new skills and expressing your thanks. It’s not only a personal touch but also a valuable endorsement for their services.
  • Commemorative Illustration: Commission a local artist to illustrate a picture of your dog, or perhaps a caricature of your dog with the dog trainer, as a special keepsake.
  • Engraved Training Whistle: A high-quality training whistle engraved with the trainer’s name or a short thank you message can be a cherished and useful gift.
  • Support Their Passion: Make a donation in their name to a dog-related charity or fund a scholarship for a prospective dog trainer in need.
  • Subscription Box: Sign them up for a pet-centric subscription box that delivers the latest and greatest in pet care and training gadgets.
  • Recognition Post: Feature your dog trainer on social media or in local community groups, detailing the positive impact they’ve had on your and your dog’s life.

As we acknowledge National Dog Training Month, let’s make an extra effort to show our gratitude to those who invest their time in training our pets. At VIP Pet Services, we understand the value of a great dog trainers, and we encourage you to join us in saying a heartfelt thank you in any of these unique ways. Whether it’s through a creative gesture or a simple but sincere word of thanks, let’s make sure our dog trainers in Dallas and Austin know just how much we value their expertise and the positive difference they make in our lives.

Expert Dog Training Tailored to Your Dog

Our “Going The Distance” basic dog training program is at the heart of our service, offering one-on-one sessions that are as unique as your canine companion. With prices ranging from $90 to $100 per hour, we prioritize a tailored approach, starting with an assessment to understand your dog’s individual training needs. Our goal is to develop a bespoke training plan that resonates with your objectives and your dog’s learning style.

To ensure our services are accessible, we offer flexible pricing:

  • $100 per hour for individual sessions.
  • $95 per hour for a block of 5 sessions, allowing you to save 5%.
  • $90 per hour for a block of 10 sessions, offering a savings of 10%.

Lab puppy plays in grass with dog trainers in dallas and austinSpecialized Attention for Puppies

Recognizing that puppies require a unique approach, our “Puppy Training Packages” are crafted to support their early developmental stages. Choose from:

  • A 45-minute Puppy Visit with Training at $70.
  • A 1-hour Puppy Visit with Training for $90, providing a solid foundation for your pup’s future.

Innovative Pet Sit and Train Option

For the ultimate convenience, our “Pet Sit and Train” service combines quality pet care with professional training. Opt for:

  • A balanced 30-minute training followed by a 30-minute pet sitting visit for $75 per hour.
  • An extended 90-minute session that includes a 30-minute pet sit and 60 minutes of focused training for $115.


At VIP Pet Services, we believe that every dog is unique, and our dog training approach reflects this philosophy. Our Dallas and Austin-based dog trainers are committed to providing effective, enjoyable training experiences tailored to your pet’s individual needs. Whether addressing specific behavioral challenges or starting fresh with a new puppy, our team is here to guide and support you.

As National Dog Training Month unfolds, we invite pet owners in Dallas and Austin to explore the benefits of professional dog training. It’s more than just teaching commands; it’s about strengthening the bond between you and your pet. For more information on our services and to book a session, visit VIP Pet Services. Let’s work together to make 2024 a transformative year for you and your dog!

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