Following up on our recent blog post “VIP New Puppy & Kitten Care: Best Practices for Your Newest Family Member”, this week’s blog post will cover another extremely important subject: dog training- specifically dog trainers in Dallas and Austin.

January is National Dog Training Month and The Association of Professional Dog Trainers wants you to make training a part of everyday life with your dog. Any dog, regardless of age, can benefit from training.  Visitors to the APDT website and will find helpful resources for pet parents and professionals alike. The site features suggestions for activities to do with your dog as well as a dog trainer search tool. APDT has a membership of over 5,000 dog training professionals worldwide. In October, the APDT will hold their annual conference and trade show in Dallas, TX.

Both Dallas and Austin boast a wide variety of top dog trainers with different styles and approaches. Take a look at some of these Yelp favorites: for Austin (check out all the 5 star reviews!) and in Dallas  Not everyone can be the famed “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan, but do some research and you’ll find a trainer that fits well with your lifestyle.

Pet parents have more options than ever before to meet their dog training and obedience needs. A professional trainer can come to your home for private instructions or hold group classes at a local park. Some pet supply shops, like national chain PetSmart, offer classes right in their store. There are also numerous books, DVDs and websites showcasing products for DIY dog training. Speaking of Cesar Millan, he shares loads of tips, tools and training DVDs on his website Also, if you are not yet ready to buy, YouTube features over 800,000 videos on dog training for free.

Dog agility classes are another great idea to get you and your pet moving! What is dog agility? Agility training is a dog sport that is ever-increasing in popularity. It is fun for dogs of any age or any size.  Agility training helps pet parents deepen the bond with their dogs. Participants develop mutual respect and communication skills while negotiating obstacles for praise and tasty treats. Competitions are routinely held in many areas of the country. For more information about dog agility resources in your area, check out the United States Dog Agility Association at

Remember, VIP Sitters are available to stop by as needed while you are away to reinforce training or just give your precious pooch a little extra TLC! Check out for more information.

Need a word-of-mouth recommendation for professional trainers or classes in your neighborhood? We can help with that too!

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