Dog training is an essential investment in a dog’s life. There are a variety of dog training programs available in Dallas and Austin. These programs can help develop basic manners and discipline that all dogs need. Training also builds a stronger bond between you and your dog, which is rewarding. Training will also give you peace of mind and more confidence as a dog owner. At VIP Pets, we believe in having a strong relationship with your pet. By having a training foundation, you are sure to help build that bond. There are many dog training programs in Dallas and Austin, but here are the VIP Pets’ programs to check out.


Basic Training

Teaching your dog the basics of training can set the stage for basic manners and further training in the future. VIP Pets offers hourly training sessions to focus on specific behaviors or manners you would like to achieve. These hourly training sessions provide flexibility to your busy schedule while ensuring your dog receives proper training. 

We recommend 1-2 sessions a week to keep the training consistent and build that habit with your dog. This ensures that these training habits and lessons stick long term. 

If you are interested in the basic training program, please fill out our Assessment form so that we can build a custom program that suits your dog and needs. 


Add-on Training

In addition to basic training, we also have multiple add-on training services that you can add to customize any of the other pet services that we offer. By consistently continuing their training, they can become the best pups they can be. This ensures you get the best of both worlds while having your dog cared for. 


Dog Training Programs in Dallas and Austin


Walk and Train

If you’ve got a busy schedule and need a dog walker with training involved, we recommend trying our walk and train program. While you’re busy with your day, we can take care of your dog’s exercise and training needs. These sessions offer more than just some exercise. Your dog will have mental stimulation, brush up on basic manners and have a fun experience training through positive reinforcement and repetition. 


Pet Sit and Train

It would be best to consider our pet sit and train add-on option for the days you are away from home and need our pet sitting service. This will allow us to check-in and visit your pet while teaching your pup basic commands or reinforcing specific behaviors through positive reinforcement. If you are already using our pet sitting services and would like to add training to that package, please contact us to discuss your dog’s needs and we can create a specific pet sitting and training experience for you.


Puppy Training Package

For young pups that have recently joined your family, we have the puppy training package. Training that begins earlier will be easier to learn for your dogs. This will set the stage for any future training they might take on in the future, and you’ll have a strong bond created from an early age. 

Our trainers at VIP Pets can customize a program that can help you target specific issues, correct bad habits, or teach basic manners that will be useful for your dog’s entire life. This training package includes house-training, crate training, enrichment and socialization, basic obedience, and good manners. This course also includes how to prevent puppy habits like mouthing, chewing, and jumping before they begin. 

We recommend a minimum of 2 puppy training visits per week to stay consistent on the training habits being taught. This package can be combined with regular puppy visits if need be. 


Trick of the Month

If you’re looking for a refresher or for an activity to add to your dog’s routine, you should try our trick of the month add-on. This add-on can be added to your dog walking package or your pet sitting package. This is an additional activity that will stimulate your dog and help in developmental milestones and training. 

With VIP’s Trick of the Month, we teach your dog a fun new trick each month. It’s a great way to keep your dog engaged and active while being cared for. If you are interested in teaching your pet a new trick, please let us know. If you’re not sure which trick you would like to teach your dog, then check out this blog on the best dog tricks or do some research online.


Whether you are looking for a consistent training program or a flexible once-a-week lesson, you can find this at VIP Pets. We can help you with a customized training plan, or you can have your pet learn a new trick each month. Whatever your training needs are, VIP Pets is here to help and deliver the best customer service and training experience for every client in the Dallas and Austin area.