Professional Dog Training in Dallas & Austin, TX

Training Pets… and their People!

VIP Pet Services recognizes the value and joy of a well-trained dog. Our Dog Training services help you and your pet live in harmony with each other, and enjoy socializing with others.

Does your dog pull on the leash? Jump on people when he greets them? Not understand basic manners and commands? We’ve got you covered! Our professional dog trainers use positive reinforcement techniques that helps your dog learn with ease. Contact us today and your dog will be on their best behavior in no time.

Add on Training Programs

VIP’s Add on Training Programs are a convenient way to incorporate dog training into services that you are already using. 

Walk and Train

30 minute walk and train = $45
1 hour walk and train = $90

Our walk and train program is perfect for busy schedules, whether you are away at work, working from home or home schooling your children. We’ll get your dog out of the house, take him for a walk and train as we go, so you can focus on your normal routine.

Our sessions provide exercise, mental stimulation, fun, and basic obedience skills for your canine buddy. We cover all the essentials… Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave-it, no jumping and loose leash walking skills. Dogs learn by repetition and positive reinforcement.

Pet Sit and Train

$75 per hour (30 minute training and 30 minute pet sitting visit)
$115 per 90 minute (30 minute pet sitting visit and 1 hour training)

Pet sit and train allows your dog to learn basic commands during pet sitting visits. When you book dog training in conjunction with your pet sitting visits, we’ll train and reinforce specific behavior based on your dogs unique needs.

Puppy Training Packages

45 minute Puppy Visit with Training = $70
1 hour Puppy Visit with Training = $90

Training your puppy in the early stages of life is the best way to create good habits that last a lifetime. Our trainers will customize a program to target issues specific to your puppy’s needs and help correct bad habits before they begin.

We recommend our puppy training packages for puppies 12 or more weeks of age. Includes: house-training, crate training, enrichment and socialization, basic obedience, good manners, breaking puppy habits like mouthing, chewing, jumping, beginning leash training and more!

Visits include: feeding, refreshing water, potty break, cleaning up messes, replenishing puppy pads, playtime and more.

We recommend at least 2 puppy training visits per week. Can be combined with regular puppy visits as needed.

Trick of the Month

$30 a month membership or $30 per booking

Want to add a little fun to your dog’s normal routine? Let your VIP dog trainer teach your dog a few cool tricks. With VIP’s Trick of the Month, we teach your dog a fun new trick each month. It’s a great way to keep your dog engaged and active. This is an add on service with pet sitting and dog walking.

For Dog Walking Clients:

  • Your dog walker/trainer will teach a new trick each month during your regularly scheduled dog walking visits.

For Pet Sitting Clients:

  • Your pet sitter/trainer will teach your dog the featured trick of the month during your scheduled pet sitting visits (minimum 4 visits).

Basic Training Programs

Basic Training

$100 per hour
Block of 5 = $95 per hour (5% off)
Block of 10 = $90 per hour (10% off)

VIP’s hourly training sessions are perfect if you’d like the trainer to focus on specific training needs only. Just complete this brief overview to evaluate your dog’s needs and we will build a custom program just for you.

We recommend 1-2 sessions a week for a minimum of 6 weeks to help build reliable skills and instill long term retention. Sessions may also be booked in combination with any of our Add on Training Sessions.

Discounted Offers

We realize consistency is the key to success for any training program, so we’re happy to offer discounted pricing for all training services when you buy a block of sessions.  

Purchase 5 training sessions and get 5% off
Purchase 10 training sessions and get 10% off

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