Those boots are made for walkin’…dogs!

  • Must have a car and a deep love for dogs to apply for this position.
  • You must also self-manage, adhere to a schedule and be willing to walk in the rain, cold and heat.
  • As a professional dog walker, your 4-legged buddy is counting on you to be mindful of these three things: help the dog maintain a healthy exercise program, enjoy social interaction and relieve himself during the day.
  • Dog walk lengths will vary. However, clients may request a longer or shorter walk based on their pet’s needs.
  • Dog walks generally take place during the mid-day hours (normally between 11AM – 2PM). Clients may request an earlier or later time based on their daily routine. We allow a one hour window of flexibility within the desired time.


  • Be accountable. The mere foundation of client/sitter relationships is built upon trust so we need you to be true to your word and diligently follow through.
  • Have a sense of humor! With animals as with humans, sometimes humor is the best approach.

Pay schedule is as follows:

$8.75 -$12.00 per walk
$8.50 per client interview
Annual pay increases and bonuses