We recently heard back from our great friends over at San Antonio Pets Alive that Debbie, who was on the urgent list and on her way to being euthanized due to overcrowding, has garnered some interest of her own. We were recently contacted by an individual in Dallas who expressed interesting in fostering Debbie, so we reached out to Holly’s Hope Rescue (an Austin-based animal rescue organization) and discovered the best way to help.



Debbie is a beautiful dog. She has a few health issues, which the shelter was kind enough to detail. For starters, Debbie suffers from a gimp leg and a skin disease. Unfortunately, the leg is too far gone. It might need to be amputated so Debbie can walk without dragging herself along the ground, which is painful and uncomfortable for her.


Once we discovered everything ailing Debbie, we spoke to a local non-profit veterinary hospital in Frisco, TX to gauge the expenses involved with the surgery and treatment of this beautiful dog. Holly’s Hope Rescue was kind enough to cover all costs, and even sponsored and removed Debbie from her former shelter. She is now safe and sound, being evaluated and spayed in San Antonio.


At VIP Pet Services, we are arranging transportation for Debbie to arrive in Dallas by raising money from within the community. We hope to have her here within the week.


At nine months old and approximately 15 pounds, Debbie is a bundle of love who needs the right foster and forever home to make a difference. She’s always scooting around, and she is happy and energetic in the right company. We cannot wait to bring Debbie right here and support her on her road to recovery.


Be sure to check back for updates on her story and more photographs of this beautiful puppy!

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