Resident Pets

I have two golden retriever boys, Logan and Freddie, and a chihuahua/jack russell mix, named Honey, who is the light of my life. Unfortunately, they had to stay in NY with my parents and I miss them immensely.

What is the funniest or most memorable experience you’ve have with an animal?

The most memorable thing about an animal is when we first started fostering Honey. She was 11 months old and a tiny little thing. We wanted to keep her separate from the rest of our animals at the time until she got used to our house, so we kept her in my brother’s room. The very first night we had her, he was out of town so I stayed in his room with the dog. We made up a little bed on the floor so she would be comfortable and in the morning, I woke up with her nuzzled behind my legs. We still have no idea how she jumped up on the tall bed, being such a tiny baby.

Why do you love working with animals?

I love working with/being around animals because it’s always good. They always leave me in a great mood!

What is your ultimate goal in life?

My ultimate goal in life is to be honestly and genuinely happy.

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