We love fall! But…

Here’s a few quick things to be aware of to keep your pet out of trouble as things turn cooler and wetter.


Wetter fall weather can lead to more fungus in your backyard or favorite outdoor places. Make sure you can identify toxic mushrooms to keep your entire family safe.

Rat poison/rodenticides

Rats and other rodents like to come in out of the cold too – right into your home(!) If you notice these unwelcome house guests, consider using pet-friendly pest control – this link has a lot of great ideas you can use.

Fleas and Ticks!

Fleas and ticks are still around in spite of the cooler weather, so continue with your pet’s prevention routine until it really gets chilly.


Shorter days mean your pet is out and about more in the darkness. Use reflective collars and/or apparel to make him more visible and safe.

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