When it’s cold out, it’s not only hard for you to get enough fresh air, sunshine, and exercise – it’s hard for your pet, too.

When the temperature drops, pets tend to spend more time indoors staying warm (much like their owners) and less time outside running around. But you can still keep your pet engaged and in good shape with these fun indoor activities he’ll love.

1. Play fetch.

You don’t need a big yard – all you need is a hallway (or even a flight of stairs). Throw the toy and let your dog or cat run after it to his heart’s content. Or, if your pet follows you everywhere you go, run up and down the stairs and get yourself some exercise at the same time!

2. Which hand?

Hide a treat in one of your closed fists and see if your dog can figure out which one. Dogs have sharp senses of smell but need to practice using them, so this game is both fun and educational.

3. Hide and seek.

Have your dog sit and stay (or wait) and go find a hiding spot – then call your dog to you. When he finds you, reward him generously with lots of praise and hugs.

4. Teach a new trick.

Can he jump through a hoop? Weave through your legs? Play dead? Take advantage of being stuck inside and teach him something new.

5. Pet massage.

A nice massage can relax and soothe your dog, and it’s a great way to give him lots of attention and love. Use your time indoors to master the art.

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