Did you know that just like us, every dog needs at least a half-hour to an hour of daily exercise to prevent obesity and promote their overall health? This is why walking should be an essential part of your dog’s daily routine.

Dallas is a busy city with a ton of excitement happening every day. Be sure to step back from all the excitement and enjoy a more scenic route taking your pup out for a walk at some of the great places for dog walking Dallas has to offer.

Here in Dallas, we like to do things in a big way, so a quick jaunt will not do for our pups. Here are some fun places to go dog walking in Dallas.


Turtle Creek Trail

Turtle Creek Trail runs adjacent to Turtle Creek. It runs for 2.1 miles from Avondale Avenue to Maple Avenue and is perfect for a moderate level dog walk. The trail surface is made up of concrete, which you can cross over to the Katy Trail on the southern portion. The Turtle Creek Trail also goes over the Bowen Street bridge and leads to an overlook and promenade to stroll along with your pup. 


Katy Trail

The Katy Trail, as briefly mentioned, is one of the best multi-use trails for dog walking in Dallas. This trail starts at Lytle Street at American Airlines Center and goes to Airline Road, going between Dallas’ West End and right through Knox Street. It also passes the Southern Methodist University and the Mockingbird DART station. Your dog is sure to love the soft-surface track that runs along the side of the main trail, which consists of ballast, concrete, and crushed stone. This trail makes a great dog walking route for a shorter stroll or a more extended adventure through the city!

Great Places for Dog Walking in Dallas

Santa Fe Trail

If you’re up for a challenge with your pup, then the Santa Fe Trail is for you. Its length is 4.2 miles of concrete that starts at S. Hill Ave and ends at Winstead Drive, connecting to the White Rock Lake Park Loop Trail and the Union Pacific Trail. The White Rock Lake Park Loop is one of the most popular and scenic walks in Dallas. It goes for about 9.4 miles and goes around a picturesque lake to capture pictures and memories that will last a lifetime.


These are all fantastic trails that your dog will love to explore and experience. There will be fowl to observe, grass to roll in, and strangers to smell. It’ll be a guaranteed great time and adventure, so get out there and hit the trails!


PS – Our dog walkers know all the best walking places and spots in Dallas and would love to take your dog exploring new scenery. If you want to know more about where our dog walkers take our client’s dogs, please contact us.



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