Have you made your Memorial Day plans yet? Events this year may be a little different with the ongoing pandemic. Safety is always on the top of the priority list, VIP Pets is here to make sure you still have a dog-friendly Memorial Day in Dallas and Austin! 

It is a beautiful time of year to be outside. The sun is shining, and the temperature is just right. So why not make it a fun weekend and go camping with your dog? There are plenty of pet-friendly campgrounds to choose from all over the beautiful state of Texas. Just ensure always to follow COVID protocols, as you will likely be sharing a campground with other dog owners. 

If you desire to stay local this Memorial Day weekend, have no fear! You will find there is hardly a lack of activities to choose from. Consider a BBQ from the comfort of your backyard. If you can social distance, you may even consider inviting close family or a couple of friends! Your dog will undoubtedly be at the top of the guest list and can enjoy Memorial Day weekend from the comfort of their own home. If you are looking to get out and about, check out our list of links that will lead you directly to information about events and festivals in the Dallas and Austin areas with the click of your mouse.

How to Have a Dog-Friendly Memorial Day in Dallas, TX

Roll up a blanket, pack a lunch, grab a frisbee and head on down to one of the many dog-friendly Downtown Parks. Whenever you are taking your dog out and about with you, always keep them on the leash so you can control them and always keep them at your side. 

This Memorial Day weekend, all the dog-friendly hiking trails are sure to be a hit! You may even want to bring your dog to the beach where they can go for a swim and keep cool! Just remember to pack a lot of water for yourself and your pup! Keeping hydrated is extremely important on those extra hot days. 

As for getting around, why not take the family on a trolley ride?! It is FREE and completely pet-friendly! As per the CDC guidelines, make sure your mask is worn at all times while you’re on the trolley. 

You can also check out this general list of pet-friendly activities and events in Dallas.

Have a Dog-Friendly Memorial Day Weekend in Dallas and Austin

How to Have a Dog-Friendly Memorial Day in Austin

Red Bud Isle is a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides. The isle provides a great place for pooches to socialize, swim, frolic and wear themselves down. Parking is at a premium, so bring your smaller vehicle.

Lady Bird Lake (a.k.a. Town Lake) is very pet-friendly and people-friendly too. This beautiful downtown area is great for a hike with your leashed dog or a relaxing bike ride along the trails. Your dog will love to run along Town Lake and chase the small paddle boats that float by!

If you want to beat the heat choose any one of these Austin watering holes. There are a few that may be a tiny bit of a drive, so it may be nice to take the fixings for a BBQ.

Check out this general list of pet-friendly activities and events in Austin. 

General tips to have a safe Memorial Day With Your Dog

Be mindful that some Memorial Day events may end with a fireworks display. While we humans enjoy the pops and bright colors, our four-legged friends may not share the sentiment. If you know your dog is fearful of fireworks and loud noises, remove them from the situation before it occurs. 

The weather will likely be quite warm this Memorial Day weekend. Remember to take along plenty of water for you and your pet. Stay hydrated! Lastly, but certainly of significant importance, whatever activity you do decide upon, be sure to double-check the event website to confirm that the activity is, indeed, pet-friendly.

For more tips and information on caring for your pet this Memorial Day weekend, click here to contact us.

However you decide to honor those who have lost their lives for our great freedoms on this Memorial Day be safe and enjoy!

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