We are so excited to share with you VIP Pet Services inaugural blog post.  That’s right; we have a new blog, along with a shiny new web site.  Please check it out…www.vippets.net we are so proud!  It is our way of improving communication and connecting with you on a deeper level.

Key things to notice… online reservations are a quick click away at the top of the home page or the top of the side bar of any of the other pages for easy access to booking services online, updating your pet’s information or reviewing your account.

Want to get to know our super awesome VIP sitters?  Just visit our ‘meet the sitter’ page to learn more about them.  And, while you’re there, please take a moment to join the VIP Club so you will be plugged in to special deals, money saving offers and gifts.

Looking for some organic pet health products? VIP now has an online wellness center that you won’t want to miss featuring health products and useful articles to help keep your pet vibrant and happy.

Another new feature on the site is a live feed of special VIP Pets via Instagram and other social media.

Speaking of Social Media… are we connected?  We love interacting and sharing with our clients, friends and family.  We post lots of pics of our furry VIP friends, pet love, inspiring stories, jokes, informative articles, you name it.

If we haven’t already connected, please join us.  We’d hate for you to miss the fun. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  Who knows, you might see your fur child as the featured VIP Pet of the Day.

Along with the new blog, you’ll receive fun, inspiring, heartfelt, informative, and some just downright entertaining stuff in your inbox each Wednesday.  We know you already get tons of email and your time is extremely valuable.  So, we promise to only reach out once a week unless we have something really important to share.


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