Exercise is a healthy and essential part of a dog’s lifestyle. It allows for healthy development with the bonus of getting rid of all that extra energy for a calmer dog. Too much exercise may not be a good thing if your dog is older, and too little exercise might result in a trouble-making pup. So this begs the question: How much exercise does your dog need? 


Your Dog’s Structure for Exercise

Various factors can determine the right amount of exercise, but in general, most dogs need between 30 to 60 minutes of exercise. Knowing your dog’s age and breed will help you determine the proper amount of exercise your dog will need. For instance, a puppy will require much more playtime than a senior dog. Likewise, sporting dog breeds will need much more exercise than non-sporting dogs as they are not built for it. 


Your dog’s current health status can also help determine these exercise and fitness needs. For example, if your dog needs to lose some weight, an increased amount of low-intensity exercise would do them a lot of good. If you need help determining the right amount of activity for your dog, or if you just need a hand in reaching these daily exercise goals, please contact us, and we’d be happy to help with quality service and satisfaction.


Type and Duration of Exercise

Exercise is an essential part of a dog’s daily routine. Dogs that do not get their energy out might take to chewing, tearing up couches, eating your favorite pair of shoes, and other destructive behaviors to get your attention and spend their energy. Often dogs are mislabelled as ‘bad dogs’ for being rowdy and destructive when they are just looking to be taken out for a walk or for the company to run and play with. 

The type and duration of exercise are essential to fulfill your dog’s daily exercise needs. Some dogs can play and run all day, while others will make do with a short walk and play fetch at home. It is vital as a pet owner for you to know how much exercise your dog needs. In addition to this, it’s also important to know your dog’s needs and capabilities, so the right amount or type of exercise is given. Duration and intensity of exercise will increase for young sporting breeds, whereas the opposite would occur for non-sporting breeds. 

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

Quick Tips and Misconceptions

Here are some tips to start your research that can be found online on Dogtime.com that can help you in determining how much exercise your dog needs: 

The website suggests that active breeds need a minimum of 30 minutes of challenging aerobic exercise daily. This minimum applied to many dog breeds and is good for us humans as well!

Unlike some popular beliefs, toy or small breed dogs also need exercise. However, these activities can be done inside the house or in your backyard due to their small size. A lot of inactivity in small breeds can make them more prone to obesity and other health issues. This is also the case for other dogs that don’t get enough exercise. 

For inclement weather activities or storms, try indoor activities to stay safe and far from danger. Some alternative activities can include: fetch, running up and down the stairs, and playing chase. Pet toys can also be useful during times of indoor play or sources of comfort for those times. 


We Can Help

Whether your dog needs little or a lot of exercise, VIP Pet Services is here to help and offers many different options for you and your dog. 

We have a Puppy Program for those who have a young canine at home needing extra attention and plenty of exercise. For young puppies, we recommend a minimum of 2 visits per day.

We also have various Dog Walking packages that are sure to suit your needs and schedule. We also don’t do group walks, so your dog will get our undivided attention during all their walks!

Our services also provide and operate visits seven days a week at almost any time you need. 

Whatever program or service you choose, time and attention will be among our top priorities to fulfill your pet service needs and ensure your pets get all the TLC they deserve! 


We can help you with the perfect service and as always, exceptional care. Contact us today!



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