It has been over a year of dealing with the trials and tribulations of the novel coronavirus. A lot of us had no choice but to find creative ways to stay busy while being stuck in quarantine. One of the biggest things people noticed over the last year was the increase in puppy adoptions. According to The Dog People, 49% of Americans adopted a puppy during the Covid-19 Pandemic!

Before COVID-19, it might have felt impossible for Texans to take care of a dog and manage their busy lifestyles. 

Adopting a pandemic puppy during COVID brought joy and companionship to many during the lockdown. The surge of pandemic puppy adoptions emptied the shelters as Texans prepared to work from home during COVID. 

Eventually, we will get to a point when restrictions ease up, and we will go back to everyday life. So before that happens, now is an excellent time to take steps and transition your pandemic puppy before you return to work. Here is how you can do that!

Crate Train Your Pandemic Puppy!

Crate training your puppy is an excellent way to ensure they have a comfortable place to rest while you’re away. To be sure your puppy is satisfied with their crate, make it super inviting by adding lots of fun toys and treats. Over time, your puppy will naturally retreat to their crate when they want some time to relax. 

This can be helpful when you return to work. If you are gone for a couple of hours, you may close your puppy in the crate to avoid any accidents in the home. 

Be patient with your puppy while crate training. Do not expect them to jump right in and instantly be comfortable with it. It can take days or even weeks to get your desired result with any training. Always train your dog in small increments of about ten to 20 minutes daily. 

Practice Coming and Going

Suppose you want to prevent your pandemic pup from developing separation anxiety. In that case, you should practice the act of coming and going before you have to leave for work for the day. 

There are several ways that you can practice this. While you are still working from home, have your dog hang out in a separate room from you for a couple of hours each day so they can get used to not being in your presence for a bit. 

Then, step it up a notch by actually going through your morning routine (making breakfast, packing your lunch etc.) Put on your coat, grab your keys, but don’t leave the house. You may give your dog a high-value treat when it looks as though you’re preparing to leave the house. This will create a positive association with you going. Over time, your puppy may look forward to you leaving the house since they know they will get a yummy treat out of it. 

If your training techniques don’t work, and your pup still ends up developing separation anxiety, always consult your vet to get help on how to help your dog cope.

to Transition Your Pandemic Puppy Before You Return to Work

Arrange a Pet Sitter

As a dog owner having to go back to work, you might feel a little guilty about leaving your furry friend for the day. That is why hiring a professional pet sitter to assist with your puppy’s needs can be a huge benefit to you and them when you transition back to work. Someone can stop by to feed your dog, let them out for bathroom breaks, and refresh their water. 

Having someone check in on your pet can also give them some socialization during the day. Your pet sitter will likely be able to bring them out for a nice walk around the neighborhood as well. 

Most pet sitters offer specialized services just for puppies! At VIP Pet Services, our puppy packages are designed to help you and your puppy stay on track and provide you with comfort and support.

Dog Daycare

What better way for your new puppy to make new friends than to bring them to your local doggie daycare! Having your dog attend daycare is an awesome way for them to develop their socialization skills, and learn how to behave around other dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

Knowing that your dog is in the hands of experienced pet professionals should give you some peace of mind during the day. If you are going to bring your dog to daycare, do it consistently so they stay on a schedule. As mentioned before, having your dog on a routine helps keep their worlds easier and predictable. 

The Takeaway

Dog ownership is a wonderful way to add some fun and positivity to your life. This last year has been tough on humankind, but pandemic puppies have reaped the benefits of us being home all the time to care for and nurture them. 

As your new puppy gets older, you may also want to look into dog training classes to teach them basic obedience! 

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