Have you heard your cat hissing more frequently? If so, then it could be that they are trying to communicate with you to tell you something. Cats can’t speak. We all know that and because of the fact, they still find ways to communicate with us or those who happen to be in their surroundings. They have many, different sounds to send messages for many different situations and hissing is one of the most common next to purring and meowing. However, what you need to know about cat hissing is that it doesn’t happen often. Nor is it used in a situation where they are trying to express their sense of humor.

They understand that this is for a certain time and while they may not be aware of the story of the boy who cried wolf, they don’t overuse it. Think of it as dialing 911. You only dial 911 in a very, specific situation. Technically, when you feel threatened or are in danger and need help. This is how your cat looks at hissing, but there is a twist and with that, let’s discuss a bit more about why a cat will hiss.

First and Foremost, Hissing Is A Warning

Whenever cats feel threatened, they will often hiss at whoever they may feel threatened by. Regardless if it is a human or another animal. It is to serve as a warning sign, because cats don’t want to engage in physical confrontations. If you approach a cat the wrong way, or if a dog is near, they my hiss to send a message to stop doing whatever may be bothering them, or to keep a distance.

First and Foremost, Hissing Is A Warning

What To Do About Repeated Hissing

If your cat hisses every time you pick her up, then it would be a good idea for you to take her in to your veterinarian for a check up as soon as possible. They could be trying to tell you that they are in pain, and when you grab them a certain way, you could be hurting them. So, be careful how you pickup your cat if they happen to be hissing repeatedly, because if you cause them too much pain, they could attack you and this is normally in the form of a scratch or digging their claws into your skin.

Conclusion: Is Your Cat Hissing? Here’s What It Could Mean

Primarily, these are the the causes of your cat hissing and what it could mean. Usually it serves for specific situations, mostly when they feel threatened, but it could also be their way of trying to get your attention and your help to solve a problem that they may have. The best thing in this situation is to observe your cat’s behavior and find out what could be causing the cat hissing, and what puts an end to it. As a result, if you are able to effectively pick up on these signals that they are sending out, this will allow you to establish a deeper connection with your cat and to be able to communicate with them much more easily.

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