Resident Pets.

My dog Grizzly is a GIANT black lab mix that weighs about 90 pounds. She is 3 years old and very playful. Her favorite things to do are chase birds and squirrels in the backyard and take trips to the dog park. She always makes new friends.

What’s the funniest or most embarrassing thing you’ve experienced with an animal?

I have the hardest time getting people to call my dog a girl. Everyone who meets her, even multiple times, calls her a boy. I even bought her the brightest pink collar and a big pink bow to go along with it. It didn’t help. Now, I just let people think that she’s a boy. Sorry, Grizzly. 🙂

What is your ultimate goal in life?

It is my passion to help animals in any way that I can. In the future, I hope to be involved in an animal rescue organization and own as many animals that I can. I am working towards becoming a teacher and I hope to spread awareness about animals, and how we can help them to future generations to come.

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