It may seem that dogs get most of the attention, but National Hug Your Cat Day is June 4 and cats everywhere are ready for their turn in the spotlight!

Science has proven that cats are good for your health. A study by the University of Minnesota showed that cat owners were 40% less likely to have a heart attack.

You may have had a bad day but when your friend gets on your lap and begins to purr, suddenly you’re more relaxed.

In addition to the health benefits – cats are a joy to have in our homes and as part of our lives.  They provide endless hours of amusement with their fun traits, boundless curiosity and playfulness.

So isn’t it great that we have an entire day to celebrate our cats?

We’re sure you hug your cat every day (and our VIP Pet Sitters love hugging them when they visit!) – but take a few extra moments today to give your cat some extra TLC.

In addition to hugging your cat endlessly, there are other ways to show your cat just how much you love them:


If there’s one thing cats love, it’s being well groomed.  They are all about putting their best paw foward.  One way to show them you love them is a good grooming session! If your cat loves to be brushed, spend several minutes going through your cat’s coat – from top to tail.  They’ll love it!  PS – if your cat doesn’t like to be brushed, it might be due to the metal of the brush you’re using.  Trying a grooming mitt that also massages – they may like that better.

Blink of the Eye

Did you know that cats show affection to their humans by blinking and yawning at them?  It’s true!  The next time your cat blinks at you, give them a blink back to show them how much you care!

Play Session

Take a break in between all those hugs and have a play session with your cat. Playing with you and their favorite toy will give them great joy.  Even better – get down on the floor (their level) for a really active play session.  Your kitty will be in absolute bliss!

The truth is that every day you hug your cat and show it special affection. Making sure their dish is full of their favorite food, the treats are stocked and the have a nice sunny spot to relax in.

It’s still fun to celebrate and a good excuse to show extra affection to your friend!

If you give your cat extra hugs on June 4 and take a photo, we’d love to see it! Please share it on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages! Just tag #VIPPetsNHYCD.

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