Resident Pets

I have a black lab named Luna. I adopted her March 2017, and every day, I learn something new about her. She is very sweet and can be shy. Her favorite things are snacks, belly rubs, and long walks along the beach (at least she would if I lived near one). She is a quick learner and is motivated by treats.

What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing you’ve experienced with an animal?

Recently, I took Luna out to potty early in the morning when there was still dew on the grass. I had just rolled out of bed, so I was wearing a shirt, boxers, house robe, and Nike slippers. We were on a grassy area between my apartment buildings when two dogs and their owner came around the corner. Luna loves other dogs and wanted to go make friends, but she can come off as aggressive. She is very strong, and because I was standing on wet grass with slippers, she was pulling me along like a sled. In the strained effort, my robe started to come open. The dogs were intrigued and their owner gave Luna and me a strange look at continued her walk. With the dignity I had left, I refastened my robe and quickly went back inside. I no longer walk Luna on grass with those slippers.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

Some day, I would like to own some land with lots of dogs and two horses. If I am doing really well, I would like to open an animal sanctuary for farm animals that were saved from slaughter.

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