Resident Pets

My family currently owns a dog that is half chihuahua and half schnauzer named Teagan! I chose her out of a rescue dog’s unexpected litter and fell in love. She has a spunky attitude and is incredibly loyal to her family! I grew up around animals and had a variety of pets in the past including a cockatiel (Marshmallow), tortoise (Topo gigio), guinea pig (Nibbles), yellow lab (Sonny and Sadie), and beta fish (Rainbow).

What is the funniest or most memorable experience you’ve have with an animal?

My most memorable time taking care of pets was when I took care of 4 rescue dogs (2 grey hounds and 2 whippets) and the five of us cuddled together every night in bed! The 5am wake up time was a surprise, but was worth the cuddles and tail wags!

Why you became a pet sitter/dog walker!

I became a pet sitter because I love taking care of different types of animals and learning about their personalities! I am currently a college student and do not have my own pet, but I cannot imagine being away from animals!

Why do you love working with animals?

I love working with animals because they are great companions and develop strong bonds with you! There is nothing better than a greeting from a happy furry friend! I have had various pets my entire life, but have worked with animals through pet sitting and volunteer work for 8 years!

All different types of pets you’ve worked with.

I have worked with dogs, cats, snakes, tortoises, parakeets, cockatiels, hermit crabs, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rats!

What you think your pet(s) would say about you!!

My family’s puppy, Teagan, would say that I spoil her with kisses and cuddles and provide a great buddy to lay on the nearest bed or couch with a huge fuzzy blanket! She would also say that I am a great hiking and tug-of-war partner!

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