If you’re a dog lover, you know the joy of taking a stroll on a beautiful day with your furry friend – but did you know that you can enjoy the same outing with your pet even if she’s not of the canine variety? That’s right – you can walk other animals besides dogs on leashes, and they’ll (usually) enjoy it just as much.


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Hilarious videos of cats refusing to walk on leashes notwithstanding, cats actually can and do learn to walk on leashes – and love it. It’s a great way to get your kitty outside in the fresh air and to exercise while still staying safe and within your view.



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Ferrets may be small and unassuming, but they love running around outdoors as much as any other pet. A leash made for a ferret will keep your cutie safe and secure while allowing her the freedom to explore to her heart’s content.


Okay, you probably don’t have a pig. But if you did, you could walk her on a leash! Pigs are highly intelligent animals that love romping and spending time with their humans.

And there are many other possibilities – rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, raccoons… you get the idea! Most any type of pet can accompany you on walks and will, with some training, be able to enjoy them as much as you do.

If the weather keeps you and your pet inside, you can always play one of these fun inside games with your pet – but when it’s nice out, don’t let the fact that your pet isn’t a dog keep you from taking her on your daily walk! Be sure to let your VIP Pet Sitter know if you’d like your pet walked while you’re away – even if your pet does not fall into the “dog” category.

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