Austin is SO pet-friendly!

Austin was designed to include our four-legged best friends wherever it can, with over 115 hotels, over 500 restaurants that are all pet-friendly! With over 10 acres of dedicated parkland, Austin pet owners can relax and enjoy Red Bud Isle, West Austin Dog Park, and Norwood Estates Dog Park. Dogs can enjoy ample green space that has plenty of shade, water stops, and dedicated areas for big and small dogs!

The dog-friendly facilities don’t just stop there. Austin’s calendar is actually jam-packed with dog-friendly activities and functions every month of the year, with outdoor swims, dog-grooming events, and social activities for all our four-legged friends.

Austin is definitely a city that knows how important our pets are. That’s why when they designed this city, they included special features that would make pet-owners feel safe and comfortable to go out and enjoy the city!

Best Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers in Austin, TX

Are you looking for a professional pet sitter or dog walker in the Austin area?

Responsible pet owners settle for nothing less than the best in in-home pet care. Leaving your dog or cat at home with an at-home pet care service is often more desirable than pet boarding services.

Our experienced staff can also care for your fish, birds, reptiles and exotic pets!

Professional Dog Walking Services

At VIP Pet Services, we offer professional dog walking services in Austin, TX, to promote a healthier, happier pet in your household. Our dog walkers work tirelessly to form a bond with your pet. We offer love, reassurance, and clean-up on every walk. The result is a happy, and often tired, dog that arrives home ready to relax. During each walk, we are also delighted to implement normal routines and reinforce any commands that you are teaching your dog at the time.

On average, our professional dog walking sessions last up to 55 minutes, depending on your preference and needs. We take your beloved friend around the neighborhood, or to the nearest park, for some fun in the sun. In doing so, we help your four-legged pal socialize thoroughly, get them out of the house for some sunshine, and provide regular exercise to promote better health year-round. Your dog deserves a good walk, so let us help!

Professional Pet Sitting Services

There are bound to be times when you wish you could be home with your pet, but life takes you elsewhere. Whether you have a business meeting in another city or are visiting family for the holidays, VIP Pet Services understands. We provide in-home pet sitting services. Our petting sitting services are the best in the region. We offer love, care, and emotionally, physically, and mentally stimulating time for your beloved pet.

At VIP Pet Services, we know that many pets have a routine. When you’re not home, that routine is broken. It can be traumatizing to a pet. We aim to reduce any disruption to your four-legged friend. Our pet sitting services help promote a healthy, happy environment – free of loneliness and behavioral issues stemming from you leaving momentarily. Schedule professional pet sitting services in Austin, TX!

Professional Puppy Services

Bringing home a new puppy is exhilarating. You have a little bundle of fun racing around the house, exploring every nook and cranny. Your new puppy wants love and attention. He wants to get into trouble. There are times when your busy schedule or work obligations keep you away from home, though. At this time, a puppy can take this absence and use it as an opportunity to get into trouble. Let’s work together to avoid any behavioral issues or exhausting clean-up. Our poop scooping services are guaranteed to leave you with a clean yard, ready for kids and pets to play.

During our poop scooping visit, which we can schedule for once per week, we carefully patrol your yard for waste. We scoop, bag, and disinfect each mess we clean, then we leave it in the trash for easy disposal on garbage day. Or, for a nominal fee, we can take the poop with us and dispose of it away from your home.

Litter Box Services

You may have thought VIP Pet Services only offered dog walking and pet sitting services in Austin. Well, we also help pet owners with everyday tasks, such as litter box cleaning and emptying. We know how troubling a full litter box can be for many. It is an unsanitary, smelly mess that must be dealt with promptly. You are busy, though. You have other obligations. We completely understand, we have been there ourselves! Let us help.

Our litter box services, which we can schedule for once per day or weekly, ensure your cat has a clean litter box. During our weekly visit, we dump all litter, clean the box, sanitize it, and refill the unit with fresh litter. All of this at an affordable price. Schedule litter box services in Austin for a clean, healthy home!

Service Area

On our site, you’ll find professional Austin pet sitting services and Austin dog walking services. We have reasonable rates throughout the Austin area. We proudly serve clients in Austin and the northern suburban areas: Cedar Park, Pflugerville and Round Rock.

Meet our Austin pet sitting team, check out our services and rates, and contact us to learn more.

We serve the entire Austin, TX area!