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Professional Dog Walkers

best pet sitters and dog walkers in carrollton txYou are a pet owner who cares. You understand that your beloved dog – a four-legged friend for the ages – needs love, attention, and exercise. But when life takes an unforeseen turn, you occasionally need some help taking care of your furry friend. A daily dog walking regime is essential to your pet’s overall well-being and health. Getting outdoors in the fresh air helps boost their immune system, mood, and activity levels. When you are working or taking a trip, trust in VIP Pet Services to be your professional dog walkers.

Our professional dog walkers work tirelessly to create a relationship with your dog. We provide love and reassurance during each visit. Then, when it comes time for the actual walking, we promote healthy practices and provide undivided attention. We can even implement basic commands, including “sit” or “come.” Take care of your beloved pet, even when you can’t be there personally!

Expert Pet Sitters

If you are unable to be home with your pet, VIP Pet Services offers an in-home petting sitting service as an alternative. If you were to kennel your dog or send them to a pet shelter for the time being, their mental health might suffer. It can feel like abandonment to your pet. Through our in-home methods, we promote healthy mindsets and diffuse stressful situations. Your dog or cat remains in the comfort of their own home, where all their toys, bedding, and favorite foods are located.

Many pets have a routine. They stick to this routine religiously. You have likely noticed it in dogs in the morning or before bed, for instance. It can be unhealthy to disrupt this routing, leading to behavioral issues or loneliness. To maintain this routine and keep your pet comfortable, consider VIP Pet Services. We will treat your four-legged friend as our own!

Why Choose Us

Since day one, VIP Pet Services has been the number one choice for all the community’s dog walking and pet sitting needs. We are here because we love dogs, we love cats, and we love all other household pets. We also know that you lead a busy lifestyle. You have work, family obligations, and social meetups to attend to – but your pet is your family, too, and you want the best for your beloved furry friend. Think of VIP Pet Services as an extension of yourself. When you cannot be there, we will be in your place. We treat every pet with love and compassion.

From dog walking to in-home petting sitting, VIP Pet Services offers everything the busy pet owner needs. During our dog walks, we promote healthy behavior and reinforce basic commands. During our pet-sitting routine, we combat loneliness and ensure your pet is content in the comfort of their own home! We serve entire Carrollton, TX 75006, 75007, 75010, 75011, 75019.

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