Dallas is SO pet-friendly!

Dallas was designed to include our four-legged best friends wherever it can, with over 300 hotels, over 300 restaurants that are all pet-friendly! With over 26 acres of dedicated parkland, Dallas pet owners can relax and enjoy Northbark Dog Park, Bark Park Central, and Meadow Foundation Dog Park. Dogs can enjoy ample green space that has plenty of shade, water stops, and dedicated areas for big and small dogs!

The dog-friendly facilities don’t just stop there. Dallas’s calendar is actually jam-packed with dog-friendly activities and functions every month of the year, with outdoor swims, dog-grooming events, and social activities for all our four-legged friends.

Dallas is definitely a city that knows how important our pets are. That’s why when they designed this city, they included special features that would make pet-owners feel safe and comfortable to go out and enjoy the city.

Best Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers in Dallas, TX

best pet sitters dog walkers in dallas txAs a loving pet owner, you know it’s not easy to find a really great dog walker or a professional in-home pet sitter who will provide your dog, cat or other pets with the same love and attention that you do. It’s difficult to find  quality at-home pet care and even harder to find professionals whom you trust and are comfortable enough with to let care for your loved ones . This leaves  you little option but to use a pet boarding service at less-than-ideal rates.

Well, VIP Dallas Pet Sitting has the answer. We provide professional pet sitting and dog walking services guaranteed to keep your pets healthy and happy while you’re away. Our experienced staff can also care for your fish, birds, reptiles and exotic pets!

Professional Dog Walking Services

You’re a pet owner with plenty of responsibilities. You have a family, work obligations, and plenty of other duties that must be handled each day in addition to your four-legged friend. Unfortunately, your dog’s walking regime is often pushed to the side. VIP Pet Services can work with you to ensure your dog has its daily walk, exercise, and play time without a break in the schedule.

Our top-rated dog walking services in Dallas, TX, is guaranteed to provide relief. We hire professional dog walkers who form a bond with your pet. During each walk, we offer plenty of love, exercise, and reassurance for your pet. We even practice basic commands, such as “sit” and stay,” and street safety skills. The next time you take your dog for a walk, you’ll notice the work and progress we have made with your pet.

Best Pet Sitting Services

There will be times when you cannot be home for your pet. It happens to the best of us. Whether you have work obligations elsewhere or are visiting family for the holidays, your pet sometimes gets left at home. VIP Pet Services offers the best pet sitting services in Dallas for such cases. We send one of our professional team to your home to pet sit, ensuring your beloved pet does not have a traumatizing break in its schedule. We provide feeding, watering, walking, and potty breaks during this time.

A pet left alone for too long may develop behavioral issues. Our pet sitting services ensure that does not happen. We know you want to be home. We know you would rather be scratching your dog behind the ears or on the belly. You cannot help but be away right now. Let us help!

Puppy Services

Young puppies are a lot of responsibility. You may not realize just how much work it is until you bring a new puppy home for the first time. Upon being let loose, you’ll notice your puppy wants to explore absolutely everything. Every cabinet hides treasure. Every room is a new mountain to scale. Your puppy has so much energy to let loose, but you have responsibilities and obligations that may keep you from providing for your puppy at all hours. There are just times you cannot be there. It happens.

Here at VIP Pet Services, we offer puppy care services in the form of two packages. One is for young puppies, the other for older puppies. Both consist of daily feeding, watering, potty breaks, clean-up, playtime, and social interaction — everything a growing puppy needs each day. Schedule puppy services to ensure a positive experience for your new friend.

Poop Scooping Services

Excessive poop in your yard can be quite harmful, both to your health and your lawn. Poop contains harmful disease-carrying bacteria and viruses that may lead to illness in both you and your beloved pet. When left in the yard, the waste can break down into the soil or pollute nearby creeks and streams. It must be taken care of promptly.

Poop scooping services in Dallas, TX, ensure a clean, healthy yard. During each poop scooping visit, we patrol your lawn for signs of pet waste. We then scoop, bag, and disinfect each bit of trash we clean. Our pet experts will then dispose of the waste in your garbage or, for a small fee, bring it with us for disposal elsewhere. The result is a clean yard, ready for both your children and your pets to play once more.

We typically recommend scheduling once per week. For a small yard, consider twice per week as the norm.

Litter Box Services

Your cat requires a clean litter box to do its business. Ideally, a litter box should be cleaned once per day, and the litter should be changed out once per week. Few of us have the time available each day, though. If you work and care for your family, then cleaning the litter box is likely low on the list of things to accomplish daily. Here at VIP Pet Services, we understand. We know you have a hectic life. As such, we offer litter box services in Dallas, TX.

VIP’s litter box services are quite thorough. We can stop by daily to scoop the box and clean any spilled litter in the area. Or, we can schedule weekly visits (or both!) to dump the old litter, clean and sanitize the box, and refill it with fresh litter for your cat. The result is a clean litter box to keep your home fresh and clean and your cat using its space. Cats typically do not like dirty litter boxes. Let us keep one clean for you!

We serve a wide range of Dallas neighborhoods. These locations include: Uptown, Oak Lawn, M Streets, Lakewood, Deep Ellum, Highland Park, Park Cities, University Park, North Park, Lake Highlands, North Dallas, and Far North Dallas.

Contact us today to find out how we can provide excellent at-home care and dog walking services for your pets.

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