Meet The Sitters

Dallas Area Sitters

Kristina K.

VIP Pet Sitter Kristina K

Lauren E.

Dallas Pet Sitter Lauren

Traci M.

Frisco pet sitter Traci

Callie B.

McKinney pet sitter Callie

Susan W.

susan with her dog


Pet Sitter Brianna

Cheryl J.

Jessica C.

Pet sitter Jess in car with dog

Jade M.

Dallas pet sitter

Christy M.

Christy M

Donna M.

Donna M

Eleanor D.

Dallas Pet Sitter Eleanor

Jamie L.

jamie with her dog

Austin Area Sitters

Megan C.

Cherlyn W.


Tamatha N.

Karen D.

Jennifer G.

young woman with black dog

Storme W.


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