National Dog Day 2019 is August 26th . It is a day to celebrate all dogs and encourage rescuing the many dogs in shelters and rescues. There is a reason dog is known as “man’s best friend.”Our dogs become part of our family and they bring us as much love as we shower on them. For instance, they kiss us when they’re happy to see us, and they lay with us when we’re feeling down. This National Dog Day 2019, we at VIP Pet Services wanted to share with you a few ways you could celebrate and show appreciation for these wonderful four-legged friends of ours.

Adopt Don’t Shop

1. Adopt a dog. The reason this day was created was to bring awareness to the many dogs that need adopting, Basically, what better way to show our appreciation than to adopt a new furry friend? VIP supports Holly’s Hope Rescue and many other amazing organizations.

2. Donate to a shelter because dog shelters are in need of many supplies. Consider donating blankets, food, toys, and other items.

Treat Your Pup like a VIP

3. Throw a National Dog Day puppy party. Why not? Who doesn’t love a good party, and it’s a great way to
bring the WHOLE family together along with dog-friendly neighbors and friends.

4. Spa day. Dogs enjoy a good pampering as much as we do. Treat your dog to a nice spa
day for a mani-pedi and even a massage.

5. Get a haircut. For example, treat your dog to a fresh clean cut to prep for the Fall.

Soak Up the Last of Summer Sun!

6. Have a fun National Dog Day outdoors with your dog. Dogs love running around outside because they
stick their nose in all kinds of things. Plan an extra long walk or a day at the park with your fur
baby. Lastly, before you hit the park…

7. Buy a new ball or toy because dogs love anything new. For example, give your dog a cool ball fetcher to enjoy at the park.

Treats for the Belly

8. Bake your dog a pooch cake. Nowadays there are all kinds of treats for our dogs, and
even bakeries devoted to doggy goodies. So pick up a celebratory treat for your beloved
pup(s) or a new rawhide bone.

There are many ways to show your dog(s) love and appreciation. Because they add so much love and
joy to our lives, remember to also show them love and attention every day. We wish you and
your dog(s) a HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY 2019 from your team at VIP Pet Services!

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