Do you have a New Year’s Eve party dog?

A New Year’s Eve party dog will surely want to ring in the new year with you. You aren’t the only one who loves to celebrate! If you’re planning your New Year’s Eve festivities, why not plan to include your dog? But, keep in mind the things you may enjoy on New Year’s aren’t what’s best for your dog.

Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve Party Dogs
  • Alcohol – watch out for unattended glasses that curious pups might investigate.
  • Chocolate – this treat can make dogs sick, so keep it where only people can reach it.
  • Balloons and confetti – these items can become stuck in your dog’s throat or tummy if swallowed.
  • Noisemakers – horns and poppers can be scary for dogs.

Instead, focus on dog-friendly treats and activities. There are tons of different delicacies you can make or buy for your party. You can whip up a batch of doggie martinis or dog eggnog (dognog?). Or bake some “cookies” for your pals.

Don’t Feel Like Cooking?

There are lots of holiday-themed dog treats in stores or online to help your dog celebrate. And, your dog won’t know the difference.

If your friends have dog-friendly dogs, invite them along for extra fun. Be sure to have plenty of toys on hand for fun and games. And, have yummy human treats available for your guests as well.

With a little planning and creativity, your New Year’s Eve party dog will have the time of his life. It will be a fun enjoyable evening for you too!

PS – we wish you and your pets a happy and wonderful 2021!

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