Don’t forget your slippers!

  • Overnight sitters spend the night in a client’s home with their pets. During the stay, you will be expected to feed and care for the pets, walk the dog (if requested) and maintain the home in a clean and responsible manner.
  • House duties: Most overnights require some plant care. Please be sure to water plants if they are looking thirsty. You are not required to clean the house but we ask that you do clean up after yourself and leave things looking better than you found them. Sheets will be clean on the bed for you when you arrive. Please wash them and put clean sheets back on bed before you leave.
  • Overnight pet/house sitting assignments are a minimum of 10 hours in a client’s home. These generally take place from 9:00 PM – 7:00 AM, but time can be adjusted if mutually agreed upon by client, office and sitter. An overnight sitter may stay longer at a client’s home if their schedule allows.

Overnight pet/house sitter KEYS TO SUCCESS

  • Know that your VIP coworkers and office staff are here to support you. Value them because they certainly value you! Respect our clients. Our clients’ time, busy schedules, homes and special requests all must be respected. Most obviously, respect our little 4 legged clients as well.
  • VIP is unique and one of a kind. We are a family of professionals who know and care about each other. Be mindful that we, the pets, our clients and coworkers are all considered one big happy family!

Pay schedule is as follows:

$65.25 per night; plus tips
$8.50 per client interview