Best Pet Camp and Overnight Services

We offer both Pet Camp and Overnight Services to satisfy your pet’s need for companionship and comfort, in your own home or that of a loving family.

Pet Camp

Is your dog a social creature that is more accustomed to interaction throughout the day? Does he love to snuggle with humans and/or play with other dogs? If you answered yes, he will love Pet Camp. Your pet will stay in the home of a pet-loving family, with free run of the house and a fenced back yard where he can run and play. We do our best to keep them in their normal routine by adhering to their regular feeding schedule and daily walks as specified. Just bring his bed, food and favorite toy and we will take it from there.

Overnight Services

$105.88 (up to 2 pets)

Does your pet love a good sleepover? Then the overnight service is a perfect match. We love to cuddle up on the couch with your pet and watch his favorite TV show. Animal Planet? Perfect! Does your pet hog the covers or the bed? No problem! We will give them undivided attention in your own home and do our best to keep them in their regular routine, while ensuring all their personal needs are taken care of.